Today I could smell fall in the air for the first time this year. :) The only thing I don't like is the days getting shorter.

The weekend was nice. I got drunk with my friends on Friday. Yesterday I spent my day in front of the TV, wrapped up in covers, feeling sorry for myself and eating greasy food so my stomach would feel better. Now I'm thinking a lovely dinner and a movie. :)
Top: Vintage / Leggings: eBay / Bag: Vintage / Ring: Sariko / Sunglasses: H&M


Vintage shopping at grandmama's.

Today I found this vintage bag at my grandma's. Ohhhh, love it. It was on my list for a while and now I don't have to buy it. :P I can save money for other stuff.
Top: H&M / Maxi skirt: Vintage / Bag: Vintage / Sunglasses: H&M / Ring: Sariko / Nails: AVON Perfectly Flesh & Alessandro Black Drawing Pencil


Dot dot dot.

I made this polka dot dress out of a sarong, that I wore to the beach this year. One day I got an idea and tried it out. I like the kinda "pin up meets Amy Winehouse" vibe. I've also put a black tube skirt underneath it, because otherwise it's a bit see through. :D

Jacket: Vintage / Dress: Random Sarong / Skirt: New Yorker / Belt: Vintage / Shoes: H&M


Dog days are over.

Someone felt like blogging. ;)

Top: New Yorker / Shorts: Vintage / Shoes: H&M / Bag: Vintage / Necklace: Vintage / Rings: H&M & Sariko / Sunglasses: H&M / Nailpolish: both from Essence