Pin it up.

Had a little bit of fun with my hair today! :D I love pin up style & I wanted to try and do this hairstyle for such a long time and it wasn't even that hard! I just hope it wasn't beginner's luck and that I'll be able to do it again. I definitely fell in love with it, since I like to try different stuff, I love everything from rocker, glam, pin up, masculine, romantic, hippie to futuristic, military, edgy etc etc. I feel different every day, so I like to wear whatever my mind conceives & today was the pin up day! :))

I also FINALLY did a little shopping spree yesterday. Thank god, it was about time! :)) I bought three long sleeved tops, I needed them really badly. I cleaned out my closet a few months ago and threw out everything that I didn't wear anymore and I was left with lots of summer clothes, that I bought this year, but almost no winter stuff whatsoever, especially no shirts. :/ So, now I've finally got all the stuff I need, maybe I'll just buy myself another one of those open front cardigans that you can put on everything, but otherwise I have all the basic pieces. :D When I get some more money I can happily buy myself other accessories, bags, shoes, those furry vests, dresses and jackets... What would it help me now to own an aviator jacket and have nothing to wear under it? :|

So, here's my today's outfit, hair and make up. I am wearing one of my new tops. :)) When I'll go out I'll clearly put tights under the shorts, since it's way too cold, but I thought it looked nicer without them for the picture. :))

I am wearing: New Yorker leopard top, Zara high waisted shorts, H&M black waist high belt, H&M white socks, random brand B&W flats, H&M rings.


Who wants my baby?

Sunday today! I rarely like Sundays, it's that "the end of the week, Monday tomorrow" horrible energy that bothers me so much. And this whole boring feeling that I get each Sunday, because usually nothing's really happening, everything is way too peaceful, even the sun is shining differently, at least I feel that way. Or there's a bunch of fog and rain going on outside, everything in the house looks so Sundayish and horrible and there's nothing on TV till 11pm and this day is just way too depressing for me.
It's obviously even worse now, when the winter is coming, in the summer, when the days are longer and it's warm outside it can be just lovely, but right now I hate it. I am not some kind of hyperactive maniac xD I do need my alone time to think and rest my head, but on this kind of days it's just a no for me! I need entertainment too much. So, thank god that today my mum and my grandmother thought of a little "trip". We went to a small restaurant, where we had these terriffic gratinated pancakes and a cappuccino. I started to feel better right away! :))

On the other hand, yesterday was great! :)) I didn't have any plans and then my cousin called me if I wanted to come on a shopping spree with her, cause she needed a dress for her father's birthday dinner. We went to so many shops and I must say, it drove me crazy, because I didn't have a lot of money with me, but I did buy this bowler hat! I wanted it for such a long time and finally I got one! My beautiful baby! :P
Then later in the evening, my friend called me if I wanted to go to this party, it just felt too damn good, cause I wanted to go somewhere so much!! :P We had such a fantastic time and it was a great day! :D

I am wearing: New Yorker black bowler hat, I love NY tee my friend brought me from NY city, Tally Weijl black satin pants, Graceland shoes, H&M rings.


I can't pay my rent, but I'm fucking gorgeous.

OK, today is such a strange day. I'm not in a bad mood at all, but I feel weird, I don't know what to do with myself, bored but at the same time not. My stomach kinda hurts, because of the menstrual cramps, I wanna dress up and go out, at the same time I would just love to lay in front of the TV and watch movies. Hmmmm. Yeah, I think it's my period talking, I sound pretty moody right now, but I think this wintery weather is also "helping" a lot and there's just something in the air right now, cause pretty much everyone I know feels like that too. :D Haha!
So, I'm still deciding what to do today, besides being sure of wanting to eat everything that comes to my hands, I'm so hungry! I'm not really a sweets person, but when I have my period I just can't stop thinking about cakes and donuts and Nutella. Or anything else really, right now I could eat like 2 full plates of pasta or something. And I do feel a slight need to argue right now too, but I won't do it! :D I don't feel that shitty, it's just those stupid hormones, let's just hope nobody else starts it, cause then the shit will happen, I would just explode and probably cry later on... HAHAHAHA! xD Sorry, strange intro today, but I'm sure I'm not the only one in the world feeling like this during the period. :D

Oh, may I just add this today. :)) I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine, Nuša, who just began her first blog a while ago, she's really new at this and everything, so please be kind!! :)) But do check it out, just to give her a little enthusiasm, as we all know how it is in the beginning. Thank you! <3

Oh, about the Lady Gaga videos, I didn't upload them yet, but I promise I'll post them this weekend!! :)) As I said before, the quality really isn't that great, but it doesn't matter, cause I am really happy just to have them!! :D And now the outfit...

I am wearing: New Yorker black cardigan, New Yorker striped top, Zara blue harem pants, H&M knee socks, H&M shoes, random brand sunglasses, New Yorker bracelets, Sariko big ring. :))

Have a nice weekend! :P


Lady Fucking Gaga.

Today I just have to dedicate this post to this amazing performer that I visited her concert just a few days ago: yes, it's Lady Gaga! OK first of all I must say this. I was her fan before, but after this spectacle I love her even more!! There is no words to describe this event, her, the singing, the dancing, all the people performing with her, the effects, the lights, the scenes in the background, the intros, the opening act called Semi Precious Weapons <3, everything was just too much!!! It was the best show I've ever seen in my life. There was 15.000 people, all kinds of people, from old to young, to children, to couples, gay men, straight men, all kinds of men, glam people, fashion freaks, punks, ravers, pin ups, just watching those people I couldn't believe how many different kinds of people love her and it felt so damn good, it was such a proof that she's so much more than just "a pop star with audience of 12-18 aged girls"!! Also I must mention that the fashion seen before and after the concert on those random people was just too much!! LOVED IT!
Back to Gaga. The concert started at 8pm, people could start entering at 6:30, we were really early, just so we could get to the front rows and we had such luck, we were in about fourth row for the whole concert! 
The concert started with the opening act, which was a glam rock band called Semi Precious Weapons, the singer said they are very good friends of Lady Gaga & she performed with them often before she got famous and now she brings them with her on the tour. I must say, the band was fucking awesome!!!! Please if you have a minute, go to YouTube and search them out, they are really something!! The singer was really hot in his golden heels :P he was intentionally cocky and very funny and he kept on saying: scream for LADY FUCKING GAGA!!!! :D And may I tell you, the concert was Friday night, now it's Tuesday and my voice is still gone, but I don't mind AT ALL!!!
After the band we waited a bit more & there she was. I can't describe the emotion, it was so amazing!!!! I couldn't believe that I can see her on the stage!! I was in a state of shock for about 5 minutes, but then I just started singing along and I got into this amazing flow and the show was a FUCKING BLAST!!! People, I'm telling you, this free bitch is one hell of a LADY!!! The whole performance left me SPEECHLESS!!! In the end everyone was just saying that they've never seen anything like it and that everyone should see this. I'll never forget this concert and when she comes to Europe again, I'm definitely going!! She is a fucking queen, so long live Lady Gaga, The Mother Monster!!! <3

Here are the photos I managed to snap at the concert, though the quality is really, like really bad, because they said that cameras are not allowed, even though in the end, half of the people had them. O.o I was really furious, but I did record and take photos with my phone anyway, so here are some pics, I'm really sorry you can't see her properly, but I'm still happy I own them! At least I have some memories of what a fucking great concert it was!! :))) 

Me and my friend on our way to Ljubljana. :)

Almost there at Tivoli!! :)

The Monster Ball ticket. :)

Semi Precious Weapons header. :) Sorry, I had pics of them too, but then I deleted everything to record Lady Gaga! :)

The first scene! That fencing was made out of giant heroin needless! Provocative? Indeed. :P

The Queen!

Beautiful Gaga in one of the videos that played on that giant curtain while they changed the scene.

Playing "Speechless" on a burning piano! :D

This giant screen thing came down in between...

...so Lady Gaga...

...could put on a dress in which she flew above the stage!

Lady Swan :)


Sorry, these pics are poor, but I loved them!

Right in front of us!!! O.O

The burning statue of Jesus, during Alejandro! She said "my friend loves boys and girls, he loves everyone, he's just like Jesus"! :)

God, how I love her! :) <3

One of the fetish masks on the video, some were really scary, reminded me of Slipknot.

Great dancing! The dancers were amazing!

Nice booty! :P
Gaga on the skyscraper.


The fame monsteeeeeeeer!!!!!

Lady Gaga is scared!

Rhoaaaaaaaaarrrr!!! The Fame Monster was trying to eat Gaga while singing Paparazzi.

The last song, Bad Romance. Amazing performance! :)

A group bow at the end. :)
So, this is it! :) Sorry for a whole lotta swearing today xD but believe me, it was a part of the show and it's necessary for me to put it in the post too, cause everything was just too fucking AWESOME!
And in the next post I'll post some videos too!! :))
I hope you'll enjoy reading it!! <3


Gaga Ooh La La!

OK, now this will be just a quick post, but I just have to write this and dedicate it to someone too special to me. The big day has come, I can't believe it, I am too excited - today I am going in Zagreb to see LADY GAGA! Christ! OK, I usually don't act like a stupid crazy teenager, but I love and admire this woman so much and I can't believe that in about 11 hours I'll be able to see her in person on the stage in front of me and for once in my life enjoy her songs LIVE! This is the best feeling in the world and I don't even know what to say anymore. So, besides of getting up too early, because I can't sleep anymore and worrying about getting there in time and all those nerve wrecking things that make you look like a maniac, caused by the excitement, I am just the happiest person in the world right now!

So, I'll update everything tomorrow and take time to share and check out on your blogs too, don't worry!! :)) I promise!! It's just that right now I am a little too overwhelmed. So, I'll just go and get ready! One last excitement attack: KSFKSFHNSKFHNLSFHNSLKFHNLSFHNSFLK!!!!!