Pumped up kicks.

Jumper: H&M / Jeggings: ZARA / Socks: H&M / Shoes: CIAK / Hat: H&M / Bag: New Yorker / Rings: H&M + BooHoo.com / Lipstick: Revlon / Nails: Essence - No Doubt + Random Black Nailpolish


La Sardina #1

Some of the photos that are the result of my very first use of Lomo La Sardina. I've learned a big deal of how and when to shoot, which effects are best to be used and so on. Some pictures turned out completely ridiculous, haha, but in the end, I'm glad they did, because I really got to know my camera and its abilites a little bit more. Again, I love how every defect makes the photo even more special and in a way, I love every single one of them, even if right now they're very amateur and totally beginner like...

I'm thinking about getting a black and white roll next and if anything awesome comes out of it, I'll be more than glad to post it on my blog!

P.S. Please note, that the pictures are just a little bit different in real life, scanner makes the photos look a bit more saturated and a little less clean.



This outfit would be even better if I had a pair of slouchy high waisted trousers with some crazy print to create some chaos. Mmmmm. 

Top: H&M / Leggings: H&M / Flatforms: ASOS / Necklace: ZARA / Bag: New Yorker / Lips: Manhattan / Nails: Essence - Fateful Desire (yet again)


The hundredth.

My 100th post. Finally...

Shirt: Cousin's - From Some Club / Jeggings: ZARA / Sandals: ASOS / Sunglasses: C&A / Bag: New Yorker / Nails: Essence - Fateful Desire


And every color illuminates.


Shirt: New Yorker / Shorts: DIY / Socks: H&M / Loafers: H&M / Bag: New Yorker / Bowler Hat: H&M / Nails: Essence - Fateful Desire


Wishful thinking.

Denim Shirt: New Yorker / Cropped Top: Vintage / Pants: New Yorker / Flatforms: ASOS / Necklace: H&M / Double Cross Chain Ring: ASOS / Nails: Essence - Fateful Desire


Funk soul brother.

Sunglasses. Flatforms. Ink. #newin

Shirt: H&M / Body Con Skirt: New Yorker / Flatforms: ASOS / Sunglasses: C&A / Lipstick: Revlon


Nina & La Sardina.

Spending my money on this little box of sardines seemed like quite an unreasonable choice for me at first, since we live in a digital era, where everything is supposed to be as convenient and practical as it can be. But after admiring the results of this little analogue camera on blogs and internet for months, I decided to go beyond my beliefs and build on my photograpy skills and my creativity in a slightly different way...with this little fella.
Needless to say, it took my heart away in an instance with its retro looking shape & design and its ability to shoot whatever, whenever you want and make it look good with a touch of cross process and a hint of defects, which in this case, are more than welcome.
Then it got me thinking - maybe it's not such a bad thing after all, to buy a few rolls of film every once in a while, shoot it without overthinking it and get it developed into some awesome photography that will, hopefully, last you a lifetime. Hey, don't get me wrong, I love me some photoshooting-of-one-thousand-photos, so I can take five hours of my precious time to pick out exactly three of them, but...wouldn't it also be cool to see your kids going through your awesome old pictures someday and saying: "God mom, what the fuck were you wearing?" -.-

Shirt: H&M / Shorts: Vintage / Necklace: H&M / 80's Sunnies: Random Brand / Lipstick: Revlon / Camera: La Sardina Cubic by Lomography


And now it's left me blind.

Today I cut my old tracksuit pants and got a pair of shorts that I adore already. I love the minimalist paired with statement pieces, like those glitter loafers.

Top: H&M / Shorts: Old Tracksuit DIY / Shoes: La Tenace / Bag: H&M / Lipstick: Revlon


DIY: Cut Out Skull Top

Quite an easy and self explanatory DIY. Worth every second of my precious lil' time. Oh yeah.


Take me to heaven.

Shirt: Vintage Levi's / Crop Top: Vintage / Shorts: Vintage + DIY / Shoes: Simmy / Bag: H&M / Rings: H&M + Vintage / Nailpolish: Essence - You Belong To Me


DIY: Bitch Slut Whore Tea Cups

I saw a picture of these awesome cups on Tumblr some time ago and needless to say, I thought they were amazing. So, since my friend just turned 22 two days ago and I had no fucking idea of what to buy her, I came up with an idea to DIY these. Apparently the universe was on my side as I managed to find exactly three vintage floral tea cups and a perfect black marker for porcelain, all in a couple of hours, just before the party.

To me this gift is one of those special and cool ones, that will hopefully last and always mean something. I'm definitely going to make another set for myself as well. For our little trio, the bitch, the whore and the slut.


Bad herbs.

Cardigan: H&M / Leggings: H&M / Socks: H&M / Shoes: New Yorker / Necklace: H&M / Nailpolish: Essence - Mellow Yellow


DIY: Simple Leather Clutch

Again, I got a little bit inspired by Love Aesthetics and this is literally one of the quickest DIY's I've ever done. I have just recently bought a new pair of leather leggings, because my old leather pants had ripped in the waist area. So, I was left with some cool looking fabric, which I was just dying to re-use and this is what I did.

If you can notice by the shape, you can see how the bag is just an upper part (the thigh part) of the pant, turned upside down and just a little bit adjusted by the lenght, so it wouldn't appear too long. Then, since I don't know how to sew well, I just used a hot glue gun to glue the bottom together (turned it inside out and glued the ends), I carefully cut out the holes for the hands and I got a simple, cool looking bag. And then when I folded everything downwards, I also got a clutch. So, there you go, two in one.


Nobody puts baby in the corner.

Except that I feel like Johnny. In a skirt.

Jacket: H&M / Top: H&M / Skirt: New Yorker / Sunglasses: New Yorker / Chain: Random / Nailpolish: Essence - Mellow Yellow


Little treasures.

I love finding random vintage rings and jewellery at home. But this time, so it happens, we were in Italy, shopping and I suddenly notice something shiny on the floor in the parking lot. It was an incredibly small ring with a little sun on it. I'm guessing it belonged to some little girl, it's so cool an small it only fits my pinky finger. :D

Shirt: Vintage Levi's / Top: H&M / Leggings: H&M / Necklace: From India / Rings: Random / Bag: H&M / Nailpolish: Essence - No Doubt


Black milk.

And by the name of the post I wasn't aiming at the brand of those lovely, super expensive leggings that I want, but I'm hesitating to order, solely because of the killer shipping; what I truly had in mind was this amazing song by Massive Attack, that I adore. And that one is for free. Oh yeah.

Shirt: H&M / Shorts: Vintage / Tights: New Yorker / Belt: Vintage / Rings: Hardware Store / Nailpolish: OPI - Brights Power


New In: Another Dimension

Remember that cool collection by H&M, that was all about this amazing sci-fi print? Yes, I believe it was about two years ago, but I've never really gotten over it, this was just too cool.
And because I am one lucky bitch, I randomly stumbled upon this dress last September in the webshop of the blog Duckalicious. I wanted it immediately. Funnily, it took me 8 months to purchase it for real, but hey, some things are just meant to be. <3

I love it and I can't even mention how happy I was when I saw the gift that came along in the package, that beautiful bright orange nailpolish I'm wearing in the picture.

Jacket: H&M / Dress: H&M Divided / Nailpolish: OPI - Brights Power



Blazer: H&M / Shirt: H&M / Leggings: Random Brand / Necklace: H&M / Sunglasses: H&M