Empty wardrobe.

Hello! :) Haven't posted anyting in a few days now. I'll have to study now, so maybe today is the last chance to squeeze something in. But I will do it if I'll have time and inspiration. 

Although I must admit, I am kinda "off mood". But not because I don't feel like blogging or anything, it's just that I really have a lack of clothes right now and it's not just the "I want to go shopping, yaaaay", it's reaaaally bad. :/ 
I just realized that all of my leggings are ripped and I can't even DIY them, I have like literally two long sleeved shirts to put on, not a single pair of shoes appropriate for the season and since the weather is getting really warm the jacket would be enough for when it's colder and I don't have a single one! I don't have the clothes to put together the most simple and casual "leggings + shirt" combination, in which I would at least feel comfortable. I'm wearing stuff over and over again and I feel terrible in everything. My worst nightmare is when we go somewhere, because I just don't know what to put on, I'd rather go naked and paint something on my body. O.o I am really losing my mind, I am now the person who has clothes just to be dressed and not to express myself anymore and that is just not me. I just want to "pause" the blog, because I have nothing to show you and I'm just hating my clothes atm. Although, I thank god that my birthday is coming soon, because I know I'll get some money and I'll be able to do a shopping spree. Not in a mean way, but I really need it and I can't wait to attack the stores. :( Oh, also thank god for some of those vintage clothes that I found in my mum's wardrobe, I'll DIY them and then I'll help my wardrobe to recover a bit.

It's obvious that all "fashion bloggers" dress to express themselves and it's our intention to feel good in our clothes and inspire at the same time. We all like to buy stuff and even if we DIY clothes or find vintage ones, it's still something NEW. And it makes you happy, it may be an obsession, but it's nice to have something to revive everything. And that's why when I'm lacking of clothes I am not me anymore. I don't have the resources to be my full self. It may sound stupid, but that's the way it is. Fuck.

So, I'll do everything that I can to change this, I made this blog in good old times, when I was buying something all the time and I was posting with such an inspiration. :D And my idea of a fashion blog (at least that's what I wanted to do with mine) is to make a few posts a week and write something (I love writing) and show outfits, outfits and again outfits. That's what I love the most, that's what I want my blog to be in the future - again. And it has become more than a hobbie for me, that's why I want to continue, I love doing this. So, much luck to me in this area in the future. :)

Today I'll leave you with my last inspiration:

I took my pictures on the balcony, the light is so much better there and the pictures look better. :) It's a bit messy though, because my mum is planting her flowers and stuff at the moment. :D But oh well, imagine how lovely it'll be to take pictures there when it's all finished, like a small garden. :P

I am wearing: Zara Lady Gaga shirt, Zara harem pants, H&M leopard flats, New Yorker hat, Sariko big ring. :)
Now I have to go and study, promise to catch up on all your blogs later!! xoxo


We no speak americano.

Friday! Ah! :D I won't do the line from Rebecca Black's song, because I've had enough of it, haha.
Sooo, I'm just making our lunch right now, I made pizza today & I am baking it atm. :) I haven't had one in a while, so it'll be a good lunch, who doesn't love pizza?!

These days I have to study, it takes me quite some time, but I'll try to post stuff in between. And how are you people? 
I really wanted to say this (I don't think I said this before), I really appreciate people who like to read my blog and who like my style, who give me lovely comments and support me, I would like to say a big THANK YOU! Every person who is sharing something to the world, be it everyday people like us Bloggers or famous people like singers, actors, fashion industry etc., what would we be without our fans, followers and people who enjoy what we do? So thank you so much! I also wanted to say this, because I realized that my blog will soon be celebrating its first anniversary. How cool is that?! :) And although in the past year I wasn't a really good blogger all the time, I was absent a lot and stuff, I really DO love doing this, fashion, beautiful things, art...this is my passion and a part of me, so I'll do my best, I'll keep on doing it and I hope I will inspire you.

And...I really need to get my camera fixed. :S It's fine, thank god for my phone camera, but I already have to take most of my pictures by myself, which is hard enough for me, because I can barely capture my whole outfit, and now I have to do it with my phone. Ghhh, I hate the bad quality. I hope I'll fix this soon.

My lunch... :D

I am wearing: bandana my mom bought me, I love NY top that my friend bought me in New York, Tally Weijl leather pants, Pittarello overknee boots, my brother's belt, Sariko big ring, KIKO yellow nail polish. :)

P.S. I wrote about the pizza a few hours ago & finished the post now. That's why the timing is screwed up. :D


Everything blooms in spring.

Today I just can't seem to write anything that I would like, I'm not inspired, so I'll just mention a few things that I wanted to say in a LIST:

-Obviously, it's the first day of spring. So, hoorah to that! :)
-Sun moved into the sign of Aries - which is my sign. :) Cool.
-That also means that my birthday is coming soon - next month. :D
-It will get warmer now and I will be able to wear my spring/summer clothes again soon, most importantly, with no coats on. :) 
-Even though my favourite nail polish is the red one, I suddenly have an urge for brighter colours, so now my nails are yellow. :D
-I want to start working out, the pause has been too long. :D I miss it & the lovely weather is making me want to do it even more, I feel so full of energy when the sun is shining (will try to stick to it even if it will rain :) ).

OK and today I'll just post some random pics of mine and even though I prefer posting outfits, today I didn't go anywhere, so I want to show you some pieces that I saw on Tally Weijl's website, I believe it is the new collection. I don't like everything that they have, but I always find some really cool pieces in their store that would suit me. :) Cheap also. More or less.

Cabinets that I saw in some shop in Italy a few days ago. I love this style, I want something like that for my room! :)

My nails. :D Sunshine inspired!

I wanted to buy a cross necklace for soooo long and then my mum tells me she has one from the eighties. :D COOLNESS!

 I like these things. :) But I would really really like to have that hat, at least that. :D

See you! Kisses! :*


Here's to being single, seeing double, and sleeping triple.

Oh my god... :| Yesterday me and my two friends had this "at home" party & decided to get really drunk, with cocktails and everything. And it's because now we'll all have to study for a while and also we had to celebrate something. :D So, we made these cocktails with gin + vodka + sprite + limes + I don't know what... I can't remember the last time that I got SO wasted, I was really REALLY drunk. When I came home I fell off the chair when I was shutting down the computer. My god. It's nothing to brag about, but I would actually love to see that today.
I also tried to take some pictures of my outfit - unsuccessfully. Then my friend tried to take some - better. But I'll take a few extra pictures of it now. Otherwise, the party itself was great! :D We had fun. Haha, the funny thing was, that first the time didn't seem to go anywhere, but then after midnight, all of the sudden it was 3.30am. Right now I am having a bad hangover. I am cold and I am trying my best not to think about my stomach. I'm listening to Gotan Project to keep my mind distracted. But was it worth it? Of course! :P

Today I will show you my outfit from yesterday, it wasn't anything special, just a simple outfit with loads of accessories. :) I'm including my attempts at taking photos from the party.


Here we go:


The outfit picture. Attempt at a "blogger pose". Not working when you're drunk.

My hair is so awesome.

Kaja and the table. Animals, what have you done?!
Serbia or peace or I'll cut my tongue or something.
To end with, my hair gets even more awesome. Including my facial expressions.

By the way, I am wearing the DIY-ed cardigan, you can see that the lower part is cut now. The jeans were also DIY-ed and turned into skinny jeans. :) Will show you some other stuff in another post.

I am wearing: New Yorker DIY-ed cardigan, New Yorker blue tank top, Playlife DIY-ed jeans, Graceland shoes, Bershka bow necklace, New Yorker bracelets.


Yo soy loca con mi tigre.

Hey! :D Just a few days ago I was talking about how nice it is now, when the sun is shining. Of course, now it's raining... :)
Haha. OK, a bit of sarcasm, but in a way I don't care, at least not today. I have indoors stuff to do. Me and my mum will DIY some of my clothes. :P YEAH! So this includes transforming my regular jeans into skinny jeans, cutting the lower half of my open front cardigan (from this post), because I spilled some nail glue on the lower part of it and it ruined it & also she has tons of old clothes and we'll try to find some good pieces and DIY some of them, so I can wear them. I LOVE IT! I hope we can do as much as we can today (I'm so impatient). I'll show you later if we did anything good out of it. :D

Oh, since today I am not going anywhere, I won't do an OOTD post. I'll just show you some of the pictures I took when my cousin Sara (also in that post) was here some time ago, we went shopping and stuff and these were some of the things that I was trying on, I didn't buy any of it, but I really want to find something similar soon. Some random pics included.

Another thing. I just want to say this and I know it has been mentioned like a lot of times, but I have to say it myself too. People who come to my blog to paste their links under my posts and telling me to follow them, stop it! I won't follow you for you to follow me. I don't need you to follow me. I need people to follow me, because they want to, because they like my style, because they like my blog. I'll follow people that I WANT to read. I love having new followers, but the ones that READ ME, not just the number. Period.
Anyway, I'm sure even though I wrote this, there will be some of these in the comments area anyway, because those people don't read your post, they just paste the comment. Fuck them.

Sara with her new hairstyle. :P I love her overall style, she's great! :)

"Nina?" No Sara, I'm not out there waiting. I'm too busy taking your pictures.

The shirt is mine and it's from New Yorker. The skirt was from New Yorker too, I only tried it on. Need one of those.

New Yorker dress. I am in love with leather!! Although, I didn't buy this one, because...

...if I wave at someone, for an example, this happens. I don't want that. :D

Oooooh, we love shopping! <3 Too bad we are broke right now. :P

H&M dress. Loved it, but I didn't really like the lenght. Will try to find another one, if not we'll DIY one. :)

I so regret not buying this top, on sale for 3€! I liked it sooo much, but I think I had no money left here.

I peed a little in my panties while taking this picture here. Love the socks with the sandals.

At home, chillin'. :D I am wearing New Yorker leopard top & New Yorker tracksuit.

Pasta that I MADEEEEE!!!! :D I am very good at making pasta. ;)
 This will be it for today. :D See you another time with my (hopefully, already finished) DIY stuff. Loveeeeeeee. :*


Today is the day!

Oh god, three months?! :D Well, what can you do. I admit I wanted to do some new posts like million times already, but I guess the mood was just wrong. Today is the day, though and I'm glad it is! I've missed this, but I really didn't feel like blogging in the past, I had some personal issues and you know, you just lose the will. :/
That changed, thank god and today I'm making an OOTD post again. I MISSED THIS SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!! :)

Oh and I want to apologize to people who loved to read my blog (I hope you did!) and I really missed you all and your comments! 

P.S. All the pics are taken with my phone, because I was stupid enough to take my camera on the New Years Eve with me and yeah...I broke it. O.o Idiot.


I love it that spring is almost here and on shiny days (like today) I can already wear my flats and shorts with my tights and stuff, because it's warm enough outside. :)  Oh, my hair was inspired by Lady Gaga from Born This Way video, I LOVE that skeleton makeup and the whole look & that skeleton guy is so hot and beautiful! And of course, the song and video are amazing! <3 Paws up!

I am wearing: New Yorker black cardigan, H&M top, Bershka leather shorts, random brand black tights, H&M leopard flats, H&M earrings, H&M sunglasses, H&M blue ring, Sariko big ring.