Retromatic, sexomatic. ;))

Hello everyone! :))
Today’s outfit was inspired by this beautiful vintage leather belt that my mum found when she was cleaning out her closet. She wore it in the 80’ and as now it doesn’t fit her anymore, I took it. :D Love it! Fits perfectly! I love these waist high belts, they make women’s figure so much more sexy!!! ;)) I paired it up with my favourite vest (uhm, favourite right along the leather one, haha, I can’t make my new leather vest jealous ;) ) and some leggings. I think it looks kinda hippie retro and it’s sexy too… ;))

I am wearing: H&M sequined vest, H&M white tank top, vintage brown leather belt, H&M black leggings, H&M leopard flats. :))

The leather vest, the neon top & the new hairstyle! :))

A whole new me!! New beautiful leather vest that I wanted so much for a long time and even more since I saw it on a lesbian chick in the Lady Gaga’s Telephone video, new tank top in neon color which was a must have when I saw it in the store and also: NEW HAIR! I LOVE IT! :)) Finally a new fresh haircut! I can’t stop looking in the mirror, I just love it so so much! Such a change!! :)))
I am wearing: New Yorker black leather vest, New Yorker neon green top, New Yorker fishnet fingerless gloves, Sariko big ring. :))


These shoes & these pants = SEXXX!!!

OK, first of all, hello everyone & I am SO sorry for not being able to post anything for the whole week. ;(
I was away, I had to help my aunt with something and I had to stay at her place, so I came home only yesterday. But on the bright side, I was shopping like crazy there!!!! :D And I got some really good stuff that I really wanted, sooooo, lots of new things to post!
So, these are some of the things that I bought, those gladiator shoes, they are sooooooo beautiful, I can’t stop wearing them & when I can’t wear them I just watch them! :| Then that fedora white summer hat, it goes with everything. Definitely one of the best buys for the summer! Then the Lady Gaga top, I love Lady Gaga and I fell in love with that shirt, I just had to have it. Although I’m usually not into “so much of blackness” thing, at first I wanted to buy a white one, but this one was so much better and I just LOVE this look even though it's all black. :)) And it was so funny! :D I’m not much of a rocker chick, but everyone said: “Oooh, look at you, rocker girl!!! :D”. I was like “But I have the Lady Gaga shirt on?! xD”. It was so funny!!!! :D
Oh and that leather pants + those shoes, I just can’t find another word for that combination, but SEX, it’s just sooooooooooooooooo SEX :| amazing!!!!
So, rock on!!!! \m/
P.S. My pictures work now!! So this ones will look better!!! :)) You can still check ME out on chictopia. :D

I am wearing: New Yorker white fedora summer hat, Zara black Lady Gaga top, Tally Weijl black leather pants, Simmy black gladiator sandals. :))


Oh weather, what are you doing to me?! xD

I am really sorry that I didn't post anything yesterday, I wanted to and was already doing it, but it was raining so badly and it was kinda stormy, and suddenly the connection wasn't working anymore. :|
But, it doesn't matter, cause yesterday I wasn't really pleased with my outfit pics anyway (however, you can still take a look at chictopia), but today's came out just fine. So here they are! :D

I am wearing: New Yorker black & white patterned maxi dress, New Yorker bracelets, Sariko earrings & big black sunglasses that my cousin bought me for my brithday last year.
I hope you like it!! :))


Better late than never.

Today I am really really late with my pics, but I am so excited about my new blog that I couldn't leave it for tomorrow (although it already is "tomorrow", haha). So, better late than never. ;)
This is my today's inspiration. I like this look, kinda sexy chic but I still feel comfortable in it, it's perfect for summer nights.
Although, right now I've noticed that in both posts I've put on this "sexy like" stuff, animal prints, leather, red lipstick, lace - I feel so exaggerated. xD It must be something going on in the air these days that I'm only choosing this kind of clothes. ;) Tomorrow I'll wear my new baggy h
arem jeans to vary, hehe.

I am wearing: H&M black dress, H&M leopard flats, H&M sunglasses, New Yorker bracelets & Sariko huge ring.


My first blog. My first post. :)

I think there's nothing more to say than just a simple cliche: I love fashion!
And after months of thinking about getting a blog, first starting with chictopia, I think that now the time has come & let's just post our soul out! :)
I hope you'll enjoy my style and my outfits! Let's get it started!

So, my first outfit: Tally Weijl leather like pants, H&M tank top, H&M leopard flats & black beret which I bought on a fair. :)

I hope you all like it! See you soon with another post!