Stone cold sober.

Here I am, back, after a tough weekend of partying. :D Just kidding. The event I mentioned in the last post, was absolutely brilliant! I think this year it was even more awesome than any year before. The bands were great, we had so much fun & in the end we were dancing like crazy. When it finished at 4am, we still wanted more more more!! :P And even after that, we were sitting on the sidewalks with bunch of other people, talking, dancing, kidding around. I even helped pushing some random car that wouldn't start the engine. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Yeah, sober wasn't really the word of the evening. xD That was also the reason why I didn't want to take my camera with me, so I only have 3 pics of that night, which were taken with my mobile phone. :/ But I'll post them anyway, just for fun. I'll also ask my friends if they have any others. :))
 Otherwise, yesterday I was pretty much OK. I was just lazy, sitting on the couch all day, it was raining, I watched Dirty Dancing. :)) Perfect day for a hangover. :D Today I feel great and recovered again, so I am also posting pictures of my today's outfit, that I wore before, when we were lunching at my grandmother's house. :)) Oh and, the title is kinda sarcastic, yes, but I think it fits anyway & I do love that song too! :P
I did take a photo of my make up when I was still at home, though. :)
Me, still sober with my hair getting frizzy. Haha! :D
My friend Nuša, the only one that I managed to take a picture of. Then we started drinking, so there was no time. :P
Me and the H&M bag, full of...no, this time there was no clothes in it... :D
Yeah, this is it, but I still have an outfit to show!! :))
I am wearing: H&M sequined vest, Bershka maxi dress, H&M leopard flats, H&M rings, H&M sunglasses. :)) 
P.S. I really need to do some shopping soon!! I feel like my wardrobe is empty!! Grrrrr! xD


Last summer days.

Hey guys!!!! :)) I'm back after few days of absence! 
I am really sorry, it's just that I have so much stuff going on and I just didn't manage to post anything. First, I had to arrange something with the tickets for the Lady Gaga concert, which I'm planning to attend. It's going to be in Zagreb in November. I've pre ordered the tickets already, but something has kinda come in between, so I really hope everything turns out OK, because I am so excited about this & I really wouldn't want to miss it! :))

The second thing is, this huge event is coming, it's called "Nočna Izmena" - it would be translated as "Night Shift". :D It's a concert, it's happening every year at the end of the summer. Different slovenian bands come to play there, it's like 4 kilometres away from my house and it's free!! Anything better than this??? :P I can't wait!!!

Otherwise, I don't know whether to be sad or happy, but it kinda looks like the summer is slowly going away. In a way, and I can't believe I'm saying this, I was kinda tired of it anway, this year the weather was not nice at all, it was raining a lot, the parties couldn't compare to the last year's & sadly I must admit that it really wasn't that special. Yes, we did have fun and I do love the summer, but this one looked like any time of the year BUT summer. If you know what I mean. :/ Although, I will really miss my summer clothes, lying on the beach, sunbathing, having picnics, having parties outside and all the other stuff that you can only do or it's best for doing in this time of the year. :))

Today's outfit was not really an "eye catching - look at me" one, it was more casual. :)) But it kinda suits the day, so I guess it's fine just the way it is. :P

I am wearing: New Yorker denim skirt with suspenders, H&M white tank top, H&M leopard flats, Sariko ring, H&M sunglasses & New Yorker white hat. :))




Hey guys! So, today there's quite a lot of pics going on. Yesterday, as I told on the blog, I went out with my friends, we went for a dinner in a chinese restaurant & then we went to see this small outdoor concert, where a friend of ours was playing with his band. :)) It was AWESOME!! 

First the chinese restaurant, where we ate so much we could barely breathe, although, we all still had a place left for that yummy fried ice cream at the end. :P Then we made a move to Ajdovščina, to see the concert. There were three bands playing, it was really nice. Some great cover songs from Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, even Amy Winehouse. It was real fun, we sang along like crazy, drank a beer or two, a nice evening for sure! At the end, we sat on a sidewalk and talked some more, the topics were just flowing... Crazy day!! :D

Chinese restaurant: 

Mmmmmm, delicious spring rolls, vegetable rice, chicken in sweet-sour sauce, bean sprouts salad, rice noodles with meat and vegetables, chicken with almonds and of course, fried ice cream! :D Yes, we were on a cusp of throwing up later.

Hahaha!! :D:D
I am wearing: H&M white tank top, Tally Weijl black fake leather pants, New Yorker fringed vest, Vagabond gladiator sandals, random brand leopard bag, H&M golden rings, vintage bracelet, H&M sunglasses.

Have a nice weekend!! :))


Indian summer dress.

Today is quite a nice day, no rain, not really sunny either, but there's something in the air that makes me feel good. After a delicious breakfast that I had today and a nice cup of cold cocoa, I went sitting and relaxing on a balcony for a bit. I was really enjoying it and so I decided to take my today's pictures right there. With greens & spices everywhere and, of course, my lovely summer dress. Perfect! :)) I hope you'll like it!

As for the other stuff, I can't wait for tomorrow!! Me and my friends are going for a dinner at a chinese restaurant! I haven't been there for like a really long time and just a thought of it makes me so hungry!! :P Afterwards, we're going to a small concert, where a friend of ours will play with his band! Can't wait!! :))

Also, wanted to share a really good tip with you. Don't know if you ever heard of it, or even know something better, but I'll share it anyway. So, as I bought these new rings last week, which I can't stop wearing, I've noticed that one of them leaves that yucky green marks & some bracelets of mine leave that marks also. So, the solution is, you just take a nail polish, the best is if you have a transparent one (I don't have it, so I just used a gold one on my ring), and you just spread it all over the inner side of the ring/bracelet & let it dry. And TA-DA! Your problems with yucky green marks are gone for good!! :D

That bracelet is so cool! It's actually a necklace... :)

Sorry, I am wearing my bra.

Vanilla pudding, eggs, toasts & cream cheese with cucumbers. Yummy!!

I am wearing: random brand summer dress I bought in an Indian store, Vagabond gladiator sandals, H&M sunglasses, H&M rings, a necklace (worn as a bracelet) I bought in the same Indian store. :))


Cheers, red lipstick.

OK, today it's gonna be the second and last post, that I dedicate to last week, when I was with my cousin Sara. I have some more pics to share and, of course, an outfit. :))

I must say that I became a really big fan of gold. I always thought it looked too much, when I put it on I felt like it doesn't belong on me. But now I adore it and own some nice stuff. So, I went to H&M last week and bought myself two huge rings. :P Love them! I also bought this wonderful head band, that you'll see in the photo. I would buy more, but they actually don't have so much to choose right now. It's all transient, and I'll rather wait a bit more. This summer is fucked up anyways, I'll rather spend my money on autumn stuff and be able to WEAR IT. ;))

And, at last, I did something that I wanted for a really long time! I really love heavy makeup and I always wear those heavy black eyes when I go out, but I never had the real opportunity to put on a red lipstick, so this time I did! Finally! And, I must say, it's addicting. Red is my favourite colour. I will become Gwen Stefani. :P

The ring on the left looks black, but it's all gold. :)

The brunette is our another cousin & her name is: NINA! :D We had so much fun, can't wait for X-mas!
I am wearing: New Yorker black cardigan, Zara Lady Gaga t-shirt, Zara high waisted shorts, H&M leopard flats, random brand leopard bag, H&M puffy head band, H&M rings.

Have a nice day! :))


The Revival.

I sincerely apologize for not being able to post anything for more than two months. I was absent a lot & the worst thing that actually ruined everything is that my camera suddenly wasn't working anymore. :( I could've continue with different kind of posts or at least tell this, but I just lost the will to do it. And then my mother, about 3 weeks ago, buys a brand new Canon camera!! So about a week ago I decided to take a look at my poor blog, and god, have you made me happy when I saw that people actually still follow it and there is even more followers. :))
That really brought new enthusiasm & will to make this blog alive again!!
Thank you all! :))

And now, after a long time... This is the outfit I wore some day last week, when I was with my cousin Sara, she was visiting. She's from Italy so we only see each other 3 times a year (easter, summer, Xmas) for a few days, and we had a wonderful time together. :))

My friends, Petra & Kaja joined us for a meal. :))
Yummy!! :P

I am wearing: New Yorker neon green top, Zara high waisted shorts, Vagabond gladiator sandals, random brand leopard bag & H&M sunglasses.

P.S. I love the new application for uploading photos, easy to use & I can put my pictures quickly on and sort them all out without problems!! :))