New In: Floral & Metal

Today I went to the city to buy my friend a present. Turns out, I also got, what I call "an unexpected early birthday present" from my grandmother, who saw me cringing in front of H&M, reminding myself that I cannot enter it just yet, because I haven't got my paycheck yet so she said "you know, since your birthday is in two weeks, if you really want to I can get you something now". 
Hahaha. Hahahahahahahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. <3

So, I got this sheer floral shirt, that I thought was sooo pretty, ever since I saw it on the H&M webpage and I also got that metal necklace/choker. :) Oh and, of course, before all of that happened, I just needed to buy at least a little thing for myself, so I bought the new Essence - C'est La Vie peachy nailpolish. I'm so euphoric today.



Just a comfy, casual outfit today. I love how the boots appear so stained in the last photo. Adds an extra touch to the outfit, at least in my opinion. 

On the other hand, I have just dyed my hair (pics were taken before that), all blonde, so no more "ombre" or whatever the hell that even was. lol 
I feel really weird right now, it's been about six months and I feel like I belong to the Playboy Mansion. Hmmm.

Jacket: Vintage Levi's / Top: Vintage / Jeans: Oviesse + DIY (still working on the ripping) / Boots: Graceland / Hat: New Yorker / Sunglasses: H&M / Belt: Vintage / Rings: Hardware Store / Nails: AVON Night Violet & Konad & Alessandro Black Drawing Pencil



Excuse my lack of blogging in this past week, but I was a little bit busy. I just got a part time job and I'm really happy, since I was honestly slacking from month to month for a long time. Not that I have some great responsibilities, but it's always nice to have your own money flow and spend it on whatever the hell you want...and I really do miss doing one of those enormous shopping sprees.

So, hopefully I'll do more of the outfit posts in the future, fill in my wardrobe a bit and maybe even buy a new camera (that would be awesome). And sorry for the pics today, I would love to include more of them and I wish the whole outfit could be seen, but after the first two, the lighting was just no good.

Jumper: Vintage / Pants: Tally Weijl / Ring: H&M / Bag: Vintage / Nails: AVON Night Violet & Konad & Alessandro Black Drawing Pencil


DIY: Transparent Cuff

A while ago, I saw a pair of beautiful transparent cuffs on this great blog, Love Aesthetics. When I first saw the picture, I immediately thought "where to buy them??" - of course, turns out it was another one of Ivania Carpio's amazing DIY's. Lucky me.

So, a few weeks ago, I found the material and made them myself. Unfortunately, I screwed up the first one, but the second one turned out more than amazing. I'll most certainly try to do more with this material, she has already posted a whole bunch of new, mind blowing ideas. 

See the original tutorial here + check out her blog, you won't regret it.


NOTD: Lana Del Rey Inspired

My nails are round and not as spiky as Lana's, but I love the nude color finished up with this bright red arrow tip.

AVON - Perfectly Flesh / Deborah - Shine Tech 13


Stand by me.

FUN FACT: I found these beautiful retro "Anne Frank" shoes on an after Christmas sale, reduced from 25€ to 3€. Win.

Couldn't come up with a decent title for the post, so just the name of the song I'm currently listening to.

Shirt: Vintage Levi's / Top: Oviesse & DIY / Leggings: H&M / Socks: H&M / Shoes: New Yorker / Bag: Vintage / Lipstick: Revlon / Nailpolish: Essence - Blue Addicted


Hasta la victoria siempre.

Sorry if I'll continue the bohemian trend with these photo effects, but they make my "still taken with phone camera" shots look much, much better...and yes, I won't lie, I love the effect like everyone does. Retro all the way...

Faux Fur: H&M / Cardigan: H&M / Top: Vintage / Shorts: Vintage / Belt: Grandmother's Vintage *pride* / Tights: New Yorker / Rings: H&M / Nailpolish: Essence - Blue Addicted


DIY: Miu Miu Inspired Shoes

I did this DIY about a week ago, using a pair of stilettos I ruined last year in a club.
The pattern was chosen randomly, but since I've always loved the Miu Miu swallow heels and this whole pattern...it was my first and only option.

Damn, it feels good to be blogging again.