Let me introduce myself

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I am Nina. I am 22 years old. I live in a really small place in Slovenia. This is not my first blog. This is not my first attempt at blogging. But, it is a different attempt. It's also not my first "new beginning" and it is probably not the last. But again, it is a good thing to make a change every once in a while.

I am complex, but simple, all at the same time. Maybe just in different measures. Things are black and white for me, most of the time, as someone just pointed it out for me. Either I will be into doing something, or I will not be interested in doing it at all. That often leads to me losing interest over things and being slightly less persistent as a person. But I'm learning to overcome that.
Things are different when it comes to views on life and opinions, however. I can strongly believe in something, but I tend to be open about things and am interested in different varieties.

I am very enthusiastic and creative. I enjoy everything beautiful and aesthetic, but I also enjoy things that even make me feel a little bizarre at times. A whole spectrum of different things fascinates me. From cheerful to melancholic, from pretty to grotesque. Somehow, I feel as it is normal and even necessary, because in the end, we all have our bright and dark sides, which we need to explore. But I am more of a joyful person, nonetheless.

I don't believe in the definition of beautiful, I believe in perspective. And how perspective can make us see beauty so differently. Or anything, really. It's fascinating to listen to other people's ideals.

I am a little dramatic. Always. It sometimes annoys me in life, but it interests me on so many levels. Why do I like things to be overwhelming? What can I do with this trait? How can I create out of it?
I noticed I like to use it most when I write. I feel it makes everything better to my liking. I miss written word feeling a little more relevant and a little less ordinary. And again, it's funny how this might be a complete bullshit to someone else. Haha, perspective.

There's nothing I love more than art. What exactly is art to me?
It's music, film, photography, books, paintings... It's writing, reading, listening, creating, designing... It's life, love, sex, people, words that we say... It's probably whatever you want it to be.
I love art and I love creating. There's a feeling of belonging for me, in art. And that's one thing I'm one hundred percent sure of. This is what I want to do in life.

I also am passionate about travelling. I'm still a rookie, but it is my desire and one of my life goals to live somewhere else in the future and experience life differently.

I am really not a tough character to handle, even though I may appear so every now and then. I just have some baggage I need to put aside and leave it in the past. But that makes me no different to any other person, I guess.

I have recently decided to change my life completely and start living.

So I started doing everything that pleasures me and make me happy. And this blog will be my journal. Sometimes just a visual one, on other occasions a diary for my ideas. Whatever will come to mind, really.

So, stick with me if you want to. I will be writing, taking pictures, showing off my fashion sense, doing projects, travelling, vlogging and learning to be as positive as possible. And yes, I will also swallow my word sometimes, do exactly what I say I never do and make a fool out of myself. But I am just a human, making my life worth living. ;)