Vacation OOTD Vol. 2

Uuuuh, the last day of June. :D Let's close the month with a new post, shall we? I just came home, I went to Piran again, this time with my mum, 3 days of sea, food, beer... :P I bought (mum bought me) this simple, but lovely dress there today, I'll take a picture.

Here are some more outfit pics from my last vacation, this was Sunday. We went for a drink and a toast to Cafe Teater. It was superb and those cocktails + toasts + sitting by the sea = it almost seemed like a day in the life of one of those famous bloggers, you know, sitting in some fab cafe, enjoying, eating, sipping on the cocktails, taking pictures with our Cano...ghm...phones, because we forgot the camera in the apartment. :P Later on we went back to watch Slovenia's Got Talent Final and we got a little bit drunk. Now that was a fabulous evening. ;)

And to finish with - I guess I'll just post these 2 photos from a rainy morning, when we really had nothing better to do. :D


Lady Gaga meets Sailor Moon.

I was wearing: H&M sunglasses, hat, rings & shoes, vintage belt AND my grandmother's dress that she usually wears to the beach. Hahaha, she always leaves it in Piran, so I secretly took it, because I was wondering how would it look on me. And how would it go with that belt. :D

Also - all the makeup done by ME. In case if you were wondering, yeah, I bet you did - that was ME. Moi. My work. ;)



Vacation OOTD Vol. 1

I'll make two or three posts with pics from my vacation and I'll show you the outfits I caught on camera. 

This was day four, Monday. We went shopping in the evening and then went to watch Hangover 2 to the cinema. Also, we had to repark our car that day and we had to walk from Portorož to Piran. We stopped in Alaya in between, this awesome beach cocktail bar and we got a bit drunk. That was actually a great idea, because that hour of hiking just flew by so quickly then. :P


There were so many people in the cinema that we barely got a seat.

Hahahaha. I love that picture from the cinema, we were laughing so hard! xD In the end there was TEN of us. Unbeliavable! :O

I was wearing: I <3 NY shirt that Kaja brought me from New York, Zara high waisted shorts, H&M shoes, headband, sunglasses & rings, New Yorker bag & cardigan.


Es kumpent madre monstère.

Hi guys! Uuuuh, June - not such a productive month. :D Sorry for my lack of posts, I didn't really feel like blogging, I didn't even take time and I don't know if there's some virus going on as I've read this on many blogs in these past few weeks, but I was as well thinking of leaving everything and stop blogging, I sometimes just feel it is more of a curse than a blessing. How everytime I put something on I feel the urge to take pictures, if I don't take them then I feel bad and not even mentioning how much I hate taking lousy pictures with my phone camera and always by myself. It sucks the fun out of it. Maybe I just don't do it with as much love anymore as I used to.

This weekend I went to Piran with my friend Kaja, we stayed there from Friday till Tuesday. It was really great. :) Sunbathing, eating, shopping, enjoying, being lazy... She'll send me pictures, so I'll post some. She also took some pics of my outfits with her camera - a few of them almost Terry Richardson style. I wish. :P But yes, that made me very happy and I became a bit spoiled, I wish that someone would do it for me everyday, I would be so glad. :D

Today I'm leaving you with some of the stuff I bought in Koper when we went on a shopping spree. Oh, and I finally downloaded Lady Gaga's new album, I f****** love it!

White top from Bershka, leopard tube bra from Stradivarius, high waisted skirt from New Yorker, cat eye sunglasses from New Yorker, bag from H&M.


There is a kind of beauty in imperfection.

Time for a new post me thinks. :D I had a busy weekend (in a pleasant way), on Friday there was my friend Kaja's birthday party, on Saturday we went to some cherry festival in Goriška Brda and then yesterday we had a family picnic. I was drunk twice, which was followed by two awesome hangovers and I won't even mention the amount of food I've consumed this weekend. But it was great. :D Tomorrow we're hopefully going to Piran for 2 days with my family, I need some sun and sea. Well, at least a change of environment.

Here's my outfit of the day. Yes, there are wrinkles all over the shirt, sorry, this shirt is like that all the time, it just wrinkles so easily. I tied a purple snake print schal to my bag, I've seen this "schal on purse" thing on people before. I like how it interferes a bit with the rest of the outfit as I don't like things to match too perfectly, it bothers me.

I am wearing: H&M shirt, Bershka leather shorts, H&M shoes, New Yorker hat, H&M sunglasses, H&M earrings, Sariko ring, random brand bag, my mother's schal and AVON Perfectly Flesh nailpolish.


Poodlez and geminiz.

When I'm in a hurry I always take time to make a quick post, but when I have loads of time...no way, why would I even bother? :D Hahahaha, anyways...we're going to Koper RIGHT NOW, because we're getting a dog! We wanted a pet for a while and then this woman told my mum about a poodle that is being treated really bad by this stupid family (leaving it outside for days, not taking care of him properly) and they wanted to give him away, this was in February, but then they changed their mind and my mum was really sad that we won't get him. But her wish came true now, as they called us yesterday and asked if we still want that dog, so now we're going to Koper to pick him up. Her, actually, it's a she. :) Hahaha, I can't believe it. Even though I am more of a cats person and I wanted a cat really badly, so we made a deal to get one anyway, sometime near in the future. But I'm glad we're gonna rescue this little puppy.

Otherwise, we're also going to visit my aunt in Koper, she's celebrating her 32 birthday today. God, is this crazy or what, yesterday my friend Nuša celebrated her birthday, today my aunt, tomorrow my friend Kaja, in the end of the May my mum and some other aunt celebrated their birthdays. Geminizzzzz all over the place!! :D:D I guess September is a fertile month. :P Jokes.

EDIT: I've written this before, but I had to run, so I didn't post it. Well, I'm here with our new dog right now, her name is Minnie. She's six years old already, but she's so cute. :) She's resting in my lap right now. :D OK, I'm posting my OOTD and her picture. Sorry for the shitty quality, but it was kinda dark in the room when I was taking these.

Oh, and this is a newly discovered Slovenian blog, check it out! :)

I am wearing: vintage shirt, H&M lacey black dress, H&M shoes, H&M rings & sunglasses, bag that my mum gave me today.