Lumberjack moments

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After a week of working hard during the holidays, I have decided to give myself some rest and slacked through this past week. When I think about it now, this actually wasn't about the laziness, at all. It was something I'm going to do more often, from now on. Shutting off my brain and not thinking about what I should or oughta do and instead letting myself do whatever I want and focus on nothing else but me.
And what I thought would be one very unproductive week, was actually an amazing time, filled with creativity and care for myself, my body and my mind. I gave myself a great rest and actually somehow finished quite a few things I couldn't finish before (that is opposed to when I just preferred to stress about it, instead). Lesson learned. ;)

So, I ate well, did some workout, I went to a few Zumba lessons, took some time to draw and take pictures and listened to fantastic new music. I also did some meditations, visualized, read and just relaxed. And I had the best time hanging out with myself.

However, as much as I love being alone and find it necessary every once in a while, I soon get this need to just go out and do something. So on a Thursday night, I randomly decided to do a little shopping spree and go for a drink with friends. It turned out awesome. I got two new coats for the price of one, which I already intended to buy (gee, thanks H&M!) and had a glass of beer, while chilling at the bowling alley. A great finish to my (un)productive week! :D

What I'm wearing: H&M coat, New Yorker plaid shirt, American Apparel black mesh tee, H&M leggings, Pittarello chelsea boots. Burgundy lipstick is by Art Deco, nails by Essie -Sole Mate, iPhone case by Monki.