Move on up.

Ohoho, what is this?? :D Only yesterday I've been saying that I'm "lazy" and now I feel like posting a lot. :D Haha. Well, the reason is the outfit that I put together, I love it!! Sometimes I just get an idea out of the blue and then it becomes one of those outfits that I could wear anyday, anytime. I'll blame it on leopard print as it is one of my biggest obsessions.

Oh and...I would like to say a special THANK YOU to Laura from That's So Yesterday. :) She made a Style File post about Rihanna, that I requested a while ago and she wrote something really lovely. Thank you so much, I love it! :) Check out her blog, really cool & creative outfits, great nails and very inspiring posts.

Right now I'm listening to some music and the post name is the name of this song Move On Up by Curtis Mayfield. It's such a groovy song from 70's. :D Tarararaaaaaatatata... (Why the hell can't we put music into words? :D) And I'm rearranging my room a bit, but it's not finished yet (it won't be until I get some f-ing furniture!).

I am wearing: vintage leopard top, Zara high waisted shorts, random brand tights, Pittarello flats, Sariko ring, New Yorker hat, H&M sunglasses, vintage cross necklace, Artistry nailpolish.



Again, a quick post. I guess I've been writing those long ones for such a long time, that now I must take some time off to balance everything. :D Well the truth is, I just don't feel like writing right now. I am really lazy, I don't even recognize myself anymore, hahaha. Actually, no, that is not the only thing, I actually don't feel that need to express everything as much anymore, I am more into myself lately, I prefer thinking about stuff on my own.

Otherwise, just a few words... My mum had a birthday today. :) I had a really big dinner, that I regret right now. :S And I am so attracted to spiritual in this very moment, yes, I always am, but right now I could read about it, study it, practice it all day long & that is all I want to do, maybe it has something to do with "myself time" that I mentioned. ;) Oh, I also watch a lot of movies lately, I love movie marathons. :D And I have to take some time to check out other blogs tomorrow, because I've been quite inactive with that.

The last picture: I reorganized my makeup space a bit, I saw this idea of using a jar on some blog, I thought it was really amazing. So everything's looking fabulous at the moment. :) And my Coca Cola retro bottle has its purpose too :D

I am wearing: New Yorker cardi, H&M jumpsuit, shoes, rings, hat, sunglasses, vintage bag, AVON coral reef nalipolish.



I'm such a bad blogger this month. :D I am studying or partying and that is all I do, I am too lazy to post anything. That's why I'm doing a quick one. And I promise, I promiseeeee, this week I will write the BLOGGER AWARD post. Jesus, I can't believe myself, but - I am one of those procrastinators, so...forgive me. :S

This outfit is actually from last week. I have another outfit from yesterday, but I'll put it on some other day, so I have an excuse to make another post, in case I wouldn't have anything else to show. ;)

I was wearing: New Yorker leather vest, H&M white tank top, leopard leggings from eBay, H&M shoes, random brand barrett, random brand pearl necklace, Sariko big ring, New Yorker bag.



I love you retro.

Will you people resent me if I delay my "Blog Award" post for another few days? :S Sorry, I really really want to do that post and I absolutely will, but I had to study and I will have to do it today as well, won't even go into details, I hate these typical lines. But, as soon as I'll be free and have more time, I'll do it, it's just that I can't put it shortly & I always think about this kind of stuff a lot before posting it, so, I'll do it when I settle my stuff a bit. :D

Today I had an exam, I hope it'll be OK. :) Then I had some money left, like 20€ that I got for my birthday and I decided to make a quick trip to H&M. When I came to the shopping centre I ran into my cousin, pleasant surprise. Then I went to H&M - fuuuuuck! :| They have a ton of new stuff AND they have this thing, it's like a new collection that is actually on sale?! Or something like that...awesome!!!! So I got three pieces for 20€! :P Not baaaad.
Then my grandma came to pick me up and before we went home we went for a drink, because it was so hot outside, I was totally dehydrated. And I saw they have those Coca Cola retro bottles, so I ordered one and I got this awesome vintage looking bottle! So beautiful!! :))

I liked this dress, but I wasn't sure. The rope in between my boobs should be behind my neck. LOL, forgive me, I'm blonde. :D
Beautiful floral print sunnies, will buy them in the future if they'll still have them. :D I bought this romper, but in blue.

That's what I wore, just a casual look today.

I love these mirrors in H&M. :P

Soooo...I bought that beautiful blue romper from the new collection for 10€, I first thought they only had them in beige and grey. Then I bought that straw hat, I wanted it for a while and it was 8€ and then those retro looking sunnies that were on sale for 1€! :D 
And that is my Coca Cola bottle (sorry, lousy pic), it's so gorgeous, I'll put it somewhere in my room, I love retro stuff. 
And the gladiators that I wore with my casual outfit today, I wore gladitators for the first time this year! Yeaaaaah! :P



History in the making.

Sorry people! Long time, no post. ;) But I will have to do a few of them now, first of all, because I should be studying right now and I think we all know how much fun it is to fool around and do everything besides that. :P Second thing, I got my first blog award from lovely Nuša!!!! Thank you Nuša, will make a post as soon as possible, but I'll have to think about those ten things a bit, so hopefully it'll be done in a few days. ;) And last but not least, I just have to make this quick post, because I need to show you some stuff that I got like an hour ago...

I went to my grandma's house, because she wanted me to bring her the Mamma Mia DVD. :D And then we were drinking some coffee on the balcony and she starts telling me about some fabric that she has and she doesn't know what to do with it. And we go to take a look, it was this gorgeoooous tiger print fabric, I already had a vision of a maxi dress or at least a pair of shorts, in case she wouldn't want to give me more than that. :P And then we start going through her closet and we find these vintage stuff - I just have 5 new pieces in my wardroooobe!!! :P

 Grandmother's old black purse with crocodile details. :P

 Old floral jacket. :) Paired it with vintage belt that my mum gave me last year.

Thank you god! I am in love with animal prints, so this "kimono" style shirt/dress is as perfect as it gets. It belonged to my mum - according to my grandma she had a matching pair of leggings. XD

Blue checkered jacket with a denim detail. Love it, need to buy a thin brown belt. ;)

 And now for the gran finale. This top my mum wore the night she met my dad when she was 15. :P Oh yeah, we have the whole history going on here. XD

Nina is happy. B)


You've got the love.

Sunday, my favourite day of the week. :P Obviously not, but today I may consider that, because we're going out. We didn't celebrate the 1st of May yet, we usually go partying on the evening of the 30th, but this year we decided to go out today, because there will be this concert and also the season opening of a place called "Zeleni Gaj", it's like a big outdoor concert place (there's also a pub where small concerts are being held when the season ends), it opens every year in May and I think it closes in the end of September. We used to go there a lot when we were younger, it's a bit far from where we live, but we love going there. I myself am not really a rocker chick (though I'm not picky, if there's a party I'm always up for it), but I always liked these outdoor spring/summer events, it's so enjoyable and the whole feeling is amazing, live music, all the people, warm weather, alcohol... :P And this place is really awesome, I love everything about it!

Oh, and...almost forgot about this. Two days ago I went out & I ran into a girl who asked me if I'm Nina and I thought she knew me from some party or something like that. And then she asks if I'm the one who has a blog. And she told me she likes my blog a lot and it really made my day, I was so shocked! I think I looked kind of stupid, because I literally didn't know what to say. :D I was really happy! So, if she's reading this: THANK YOU SO MUCH! :) 
 I would never in a million years expect something like this! It's good to receive some positive feedback.

My outfit:

The next day edit:
This was probably the quickest post I've ever done, I was literally typing and running through the door. :D It was a great party (I hope I didn't do anything stupid). :P No signs of a hangover yet, but I know it's too good to be true. Hahahaha. Oh, post name obviously from Florence's song, I've been listening to that song all day long yesterday.

So, I was wearing: New Yorker cropped cardi, Metallica t-shirt that I stole from my brother's room (he doesn't know it yet hahahah :P), Bershka leather pants, random brand tights, Graceland brown boots, H&M rings, random brand leopard bag. :)