It's snowing!!! Haha, it's freezing cold outside, so what the hell, let there be snow too, at least I can call it a true winter. :D It won't be much fun on the roads though and there are some other "not so good" things, but right now I don't care, I enjoy it too much. :P

Today I decided to change my hair a bit. I do hope I'll visit a hairdresser before NY's eve too though, but I wanted a change right now and I cut my bangs shorter, the pin up style. :D Already had this kind of hairstyle for the whole year of 2009, just that my hair was shorter back then. I like these bangs a lot, they go with any style, make everything more interesting. At least, that's what I think. ;)) If I get tired of them after a while, I'll just wait till they grow back, but right now I love that I did it again. :))

I'm going to watch Le Fabuleux Destin D'Amelie Poulain now, together with a bowl of popcorn. There's nothing to do anyway, we've planned on going out on Saturday this weekend, so that's tomorrow. I hope we really do go, because I want to have some fun, I passed the exam I've been studying for on Wednesday & now I'm free till January and I want to paaaaaaarty and have fun in December!! :P

 Today I'm feeling cat eye and leopard pattern.

Winter wonderland. :))

I am wearing: H&M headband, Zara Lady Gaga top, leopard leggings from eBay, H&M socks, Adidas high tops, H&M rings, puffy scarf from some accessories shop.


First gifts.

No, Santa didn't come early for me this year, but the eBay package did! :D Me and my mum ordered a few things from eBay two weeks ago and they arrived today!! I ran to the post office the minute I saw that notification in the mail box. So, I ordered a pair of leopard leggings, because I just couldn't seem to find them anywhere! :/ Not in one store, not in Italy, nowhere! Then I finally found them a few weeks ago in New Yorker, they looked perfect, but all the leggings were "one size" and when I tried them on it looked terrible!! The material is just horrible, I couldn't even pull them up my leg, the pattern would just stretch and it didn't go anywhere. :| 
So I decided not to buy them, even though I wanted them so badly, but no way I would buy something that I don't feel comfortable in and couldn't even put on normally, just becaue I can't find it anywhere else. Then me, miss "smarty pants" :D I finally remembered of eBay - tons of them of course! I checked about 50 pairs, looked who are the sellers with "positive feedback" and ordered. And, two weeks later, here they are, I love them!! :)) <3

Oh, yesterday I also went to H&M, since I had to wait for my mum (what a punishment :P), so I bought myself a top that I wanted for quite some time, but now it was also on sale. :D Hoorah! When she came I put everything in my bag, but she asked me right away: "Aha! What did you buy again?!" :D Hahahahaha, I admit that I'm obsessed with doing this, even if I have only 5€ in my wallet, I'll try to spend them "wisely" on some accessories. OK sometimes I'll rater spend them on a good piece of cake. :P 

Oh, and it's already all Christmas & Co. in the stores, the music, the decorations, everything. Even the shopping bag from H&M is already Christmas inspired. Ha! :D I must admit I do love Christmas, I could even say it's my favourite holiday of the year, I love that atmosphere, smell of tea with cinnamon, cooked wine and panettone, making a X-mas tree, snow (if there's any), all the lights and decorations outside AND the fact that my cousin Sara comes to visit again, I can't wait!!!. :)) Oh, and the presents, who am I fooling?! :D:D

Some random photos...

From left to right: my little brother's new "old school" glasses (real diopter glasses, not just an accessory unfortunately :D), shoes I've been trying on in Pittarello a while ago. 
In the bottom are some pictures of the things I've been trying on yesterday: pants from New Yorker (it's a military green with that black high waist, loved them), a black velvet dress from Oviesse (nice dress, a bit too expensive though, I don't think it's worth that much & I think it's time to get a boyfriend, at least for a thing called the back zipper, since I was trying to unzip myself for quite a while xD), leggings with jeans print from New Yorker.

And now I'm off to study! But be sure I'll come back in the evening, I'll check out all your blogs and feed my soul!! :))


Sweet December.

I don't know what's up with this "absence" every month, there's always something that ruins my plan of being a "good blogger" and then I do about 5 posts and disappear. AGAIN I am sorry, but at least this time it was something good for me. :)) I moved forward on my "room renovation" plan, I painted the walls and I'm glad about that, now the only thing left is the furnishing. I am kinda proud of myself, since I did everything by myself. :D 
But no, painting a room didn't take me more than 3 days & I admit it wasn't the only reason why I didn't post anything for so long, but I really had to study too & I just wanted to focus on that, so I decided to wait just a bit with the blog. And I think that today is the right day to refresh it and do a new post! :))

 Otherwise, the past weekend started this one week long travelling fair with amusement park that comes to Gorizia - Italy every year in December & since our city Nova Gorica is like a minute away from the Italian border it's kind of a tradition and we go every year since I can remember. :)) It's called Fiera Di Sant'Andrea - we just say Sveti Andrej in my language. I went today with my mum, but it was kinda rainy and it's Monday, so we didn't see much, but I hope that me and my friends will go again on Friday like we said (hope the weather will be fine), I just want to go and drive the "autoscontri", eat fritella's and have fun! If we'll go, I'll bring my camera with me! :P Oh, it's also "Miklavž" today (Slovenian readers will know what I'm talking about :D), it's like Santa, but different, it usually brings small gifts, like some mandarins, peanuts, panettone, socks. It's very nice. :)) But this year I got a different and bigger gift than usual, since we were arriving back from Sveti Andrej, we stopped in the shopping center. My mum bought me a bra and three pairs of panties & I also got myself a new foundation and two pieces of clothing. ;))


 This is the room (very messy on the pics, it was taken just after the painting was done, sorry). I chose colors grey and pink, the pink looks really neonish in the second picture, but it's really more like in the first one. In reality it's a colder fuchsia, but still bright enough, I like strong colours. I first wanted to do all in the same color, but I wasn't sure about it, I thought it would look too boring. And then I saw this great idea in Art & Décoration magazine, it was an entrance of the room with almost the same colors and the door was painted too. I loved it right away, so I decided to do it and I think it's SO awesome! The furniture will most probably be black. So, I'll show you everything when it's done. :))

 The new underwear - the matching leopard bra and leopard panties, the polka dotted panties and zebra pattern panties. The foundation by Max Factor - I totally love this one, had it like a year ago and it was the best I've ever had, you apply it with that little sponge and it looks really even and nicely done.

And these are the clothes that I bought today. I recently watched this movie that was happening in the late 60's and I saw a woman wearing an old school sports top. I fell in love with it, but didn't think I would find it easily. And today I walk into the store and see a similar top there on the rack! HAHA - mine! :D I don't know what, but there's something about those 60's, 70's jock and casual clothes that I find very appealing, those vintage red/blue/white colors they were wearing, everytime I watch old pictures of my grandmother and family I look at those clothes and find them so awesome. :D
And the other piece is the tracksuit! Finally! I wanted to have one since I saw some really good outfits with this trend. I am so satisfied with the stuff I got. :)) Thank you Miklavž AKA Mom and thank you a little bit fuller wallet (not anymore) !! ;))

The clothes are from New Yorker.

P.S. I wrote the post on the 6th, but I pressed the button after midnight, that's why the date is the 7th. :))