All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.

My god, you have no idea how much I ate this weekend?!?!?! :| Jesus! When I came home from that family lunch on Sunday, I literally had to lay in my bed for a while to rest my body from all that food. :| The lunch was delicious though. I also drank two beers, which really "helped" with my situation, my stomach was even fuller and I was a bit drunk in the end. Ha! :D (I don't know why I get drunk so easily, no kidding - it is economical though.)

Also, my cousin Sara came on Saturday!! :)))))) Too bad they were only able to stay here till yesterday, but we sure had fun, oh yes we did... :P Can't wait till summer now, hahahahaha. :D Oh, also she brought her new boyfriend with her this time, his name is Alessandro and he's a tattoo artist. His work is so cool! He drew some stuff for me to see his style and it was just amazing. And as I really want to get tattooed (I was already suppose to do it on my birthday) he said that he'll do it for me the next time we meet. Coolness!!! Me and Sara also want to do matching tattoos as she's probably the only person in my family that I'm really incredibly close to, so it would be a really cool thing if he did it for us. :)

This is my outfit of the day. Last time I went shopping, my mum bought this maxi skirt in H&M. :D It's a bit too large for me to wear it down on my hips, but if you have a waist belt you can do magic, right? :P


Some random photos from this weekend and some things that I made out of modelling clay. :)

Easter tribute to Anna Dello Russo. Haha, love her. :D

Lovely napkins. :D

Sara and Alessandro. :) (Haha, rum and chocolate. Mmmmmm!!!)

Hohohoho, bunch of easter eggs. :P

Stuff that I made out of modelling clay a while ago. :D
Sorry, some pictures are really bad. Ghhhh, I really need to get that camera fixed. :( But at least it's better than nothing.

I am wearing: H&M white tank top, H&M maxi skirt, vintage belt, random brand leopard bag, Sariko big ring, H&M ring, New Yorker bracelets, rosary beads from Međugorje :D, Tally Weijl earrings, Amway "Siren" nailpolish.

*HAHAHAHAHAH! OH MY GOD! Sorry, but I just noticed something incredibly funny! XD On the pic that I wanted to do a close up, my boobs are obviously a bit too much "out there" and I almost pissed when the following picture is a picture of a fist and it looks like I want to punch someone. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!*


Dammi un bicchiere di limoncello.

Hmmmm, one of those (rare) days when I don't have anything to say. :D Hahahahahaha! Nothing special happening today, I just went grocery shopping with my mum. I'm quite lazy & now I'll go to my grandmother's house, she's making a cake for our Easter lunch that will be on Sunday and she invited me for a glass of limoncello. Hohoho. :P Would I miss this opportunity? Never!
By the way...she's making a lemon cake. You have no idea how good that thing is! *.*

Aaaaaaaaaaand! It's Easter, so this means...(that I'm eating chocolate eggs every day) that it's one of those three times of the year, when my dearest cousin Sara (my cousin from Italy, in case you don't know her from the previous posts :D) is coming to Slovenia!! DOPGHJĆPSDGHČSDGBLSDG!!! :P:P I'm mentally and physically prepared to go crazy with her. :P

P.S. I'm including some pics taken at my grandmother's house, I wrote the post waaay before, but I'm finishing it now. :P

And this is my OOTD:

I am wearing: New Yorker fedora hat, H&M sunglasses, H&M striped sheer top, Tally Weijl leather pants, H&M shoes, H&M rings, random brand leopard bag.


Little girl went shopping.

Finally - the day has come!! Today I went shopping for clothes after four months! :| And I am so happy! :DDDD I got such amazing stuff, I had a list of what I wanted ATM and I thought that I'm not going to squeeze it all in, because I would probably need more money, but I was more successful than I thought I will be!!! :)) Oh, I feel so good right nooooow!!!

So...let me show you what I got:
Oversized sheer striped top from H&M. :))

Baggy leopard or whatever printed harem pants from H&M. :))

The pattern.
Flats from Pittarello. :)) I wanted some flats that I could wear with everything and I love this detail! They look gorgeous!

Fake Keds from H&M. I wanted these for SO long and now I got them!!!! For 10€!!! MUAHAHAHHAHA!! :D
I needed a bag badly & I liked a lot of them, but right now I decided to buy this one! :)) It's from New Yorker.

And the gran finale. I needed a jacket or something, but in a way I didn't want to spend too much money on it and I decided not to buy any, because I needed other summer stuff more. And then I see this AMAZING military jacket in H&M that I was already checking out this winter and it was quite expensive back then, but now it was on sale for - 10€!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And may I add: it was the last one! I would be an idiot not to buy it! :D Buisdfočsdjgšsjgšsjgpgjpdg!!!!! :D:D
So, my mission completed, my wardrobe/boxes/suitcase fuller, my wallet empty, but the most important and priceless thing - I am happy! :)) 

P.S. Sorry if the pics are a bit crappy, you'll see everything in the outfits anyway. :)



Look what the cat dragged in.

Hohoho! How do you do? :P What a nice Sunday, I'm actually not doing anything special, I just feel good. (I'm still under the influence of my birthday. :D) Thank you all for your lovely wishes! :)) I was so happy reading your comments! 
I had such a lovely day... I was a bit nervous in the morning, because I had an exam that day, but then I passed and I did really well, so I was really happy. A great gift to myself! :) Then I had lunch with my family and my grandparents came later and then in the evening I had a small celebration with my friends! :) It was really really great, BUT - we're not finished yet! :P

Today I'm posting an outfit! Ah! :P I just had an intense wave of inspiration. I found these red pants in my wardrobe (I mean, suitcase/box :D still no furniture) that I bought in the fall of 2009. And as much as I love the color red, which is infact my favourite color ever - I just didn't know how to wear those. :/ 
I don't know if it was also the pastels that got me so much, but I just forgot about them. And now when the colors are really trending, I suddenly remembered I could try them on. And...I loved them!!! Can't believe those poor pants were just lying there. :D They are a bit tighter though, what's that suppose to mean, huh?! :P

P.S. Don't pay attention to my hair today.

 I am wearing: New Yorker cut off blazer, New Yorker striped top, H&M red pants, H&M heels & sunglasses, random brand pearl necklace worn as bracelet, AVON "perfectly flesh" nailpolish.


Cause baby, I was born this day!

Aaaaaaaaaah, the day has come! I AM OFFICIALLY 20!!! :D It's my birthdaaay!!!

A new decade before me, that I hope will be better than the past one, more joyful, loving & richer with everything possible!! :)) 

Though, I must admit that I don't know if I've realized it already. The number 1 is completely gone now. Forever! :D In a way it's a bit scary to think that now it's the time when you are old enough to start making something out of your life, building your future and start being more responsible, but it's really exciting at the same time. :D It was always said to be the best years. Crazy & productive. So, I am loving it! :P

I feel 20. B)

Otherwise, I would like to say thank you! Again! :) To all who follow my blog, who enjoy it. This is really an incredible experience, I've never thought I will meet so many nice, cool & friendly people through this, people that I could actually really be friends with in a real life. :)
Thank you for all your sweet comments, I always read every single one of them, even though I was really bad with responding in the past few weeks as I had to study a lot, but I promise to catch up on everything! :) Thank you again! I love you all! :*

And this is my homemade puffy cake that we'll enjoy later. :P

P.S. I passed my last exam today!! WOO HOO!!!!! :D I said I'll add this if I pass. LOL
Best day ever!!!! :))



7 things about me. :)

Hello! :D I just got this cool award/tag from Anita of Life.Style.Fun. called "7 things about me". Thank you, Anita! :

1. I don't know how to act around children & I am horrible with these stuff. When all the girls go crazy seeing a little baby I just stand there like an idiot. I want to be a mother someday, though. :)

2. I love foreign languages and I want to learn more and more. I speak English, decent Spanish and Portuguese, that I've actually learned all by myself. I speak Portuguese better than Spanish, actually. Want to learn Italian and French also.

3. I am very interested in spiritual. From Astrology, to Card Divination to Law Of Attraction. It rolls in the family.

4. I love being in the centre of attention and I am quite self-conscious. But not in a mean way. I am not a bad cocky person. I like to make others feel better, I am very positive and content in general and I know I'm good at giving advices, but I also feel like shit sometimes. That's why I can't live without my friends, I need people to support me and make me feel loved. And I hope they know that I love them to death. :)

5. I am obsessed with food. I am a total gourmet maniac. I love mediterranean, Chinese, Mexican etc. The spicier the merrier.

6. Haha, this one is funny. Appearance wise. I have these "broken" pinkie fingers, I don't know why this happens, but it's genetic, my mum has them too. You can see it here. I don't know if it looks hideous to you, but I'm so used to it, so I don't even notice it anymore and I actually don't mind it at all. :D
7. When I meet someone new, I don't really know what to talk about. Although, when you get to know me I'm pretty sure I talk TOO much. I love long conversations. I also write waaaaay too much. (Have you ever noticed that? :P)

There you go, seven things. :D Oh, I would just like to say, Anita, sorry if some of them seem so similar to your list, I've noticed that (I mentioned food & spirituality too) and it wasn't my intention to copy or anything, but I guess we think alike in some ways, so I also had to include those. :)

P.S. I wrote a lot, but I thought it was too much. :/ I shortened it up to sentences.

I give this award to anyone that will read this post, feel free to do it and I would love to read yours too!! :)
And here are some pics, my casual outfit of the day, that I wore when I went to my grandmother's house for lunch. :) Very simple, really. Can't wait to go shopping soon, at least I hope so. :/ See ya!

Me in the garden, taking my pictures, my grandma telling me that the neighboors will see me :| (you know, because it really isn't a normal thing to do) and my lunch. :P
I am wearing: New Yorker DIYed cardigan, H&M tank top, Tally Weijl harem jeans, H&M leopard flats, H&M sunglasses and rings.
xoxo :)


Lalala. :)

Hello! :) I should be studying right now, but I guess it's one of those days when you just have to take a pause to clear your head, because everything is distracting you all the time. :( 
I hate when this happens, because then I do take a pause and I feel bad about it and I'm afraid I won't have enough time to finish my stuff, but the thing is that I actually do that with everything. I always feel bad about something that I should do, but then I don't and I think about it all the time either way. I'll have to start controlling this. It's not such a bad thing in small doses, it helps you finish some things that you probably wouldn't, but when you really need to relax and you can't stop feeling guilty about it all the way during, what's the point? :S And I know I do this, because of this lifestyle and things that I've been going through for the past few years, which wasn't really great all the time, so I always thought that I'm missing on lot of things and I was worrying about it and making lists in my head of what do I want, but not realizing that I am making a pattern that won't help me, it will only complicate stuff even more. And now when I really feel that it's the right time to star over again, really start living the life I want to live, this crazy thing is bothering me so much. "I'm doing this, but I should also do this and this too and how the hell am I going to do it all?" And then I realize that because of all the worrying I don't do anything. So, the thing is I'm having a hard time letting this go and to just do something about it instead.
In general, I was never really a control freak kind of person or something like that. I like to have my stuff organized, but it's not an aspect of my life that I would worry about, it's a normal unimportant thing that is already settled and I don't think about it. Because otherwise, I was always kind of "go with the flow" "don't worry, be happy" and making spontaneous decision all the time. And I still am like that, I am really an optimist for life and I don't really want to think about everything that I do and why do I do this, but this kind of took over me and I don't like it. I need something to happen in my life, like something to hit me, to make me forget about all the rules and everything, because it's not me or my body that is actually tired, it's my brain from all this thinking and I just need to break this off. I think I need to fall in love. :P

P.S. Thank god it's spring now, this makes me feel so much better about everything and I became much more careless.

So, today...a really honest & personal post. Haha. :D + Some random personal pictures as I am not going anywhere these days, so I don't have any outfits to show, but I hope you'll like this as a substitute, just a bunch of silly pictures that make me happy (or embarassed). :D

Me & my favourite Sacher cake. :D

Me and my friends: Kaja taking a picture, me literally jumping in the frame and Petra looking like "WTF?! O.o"

Me before going to some party. :)

I just put this picture on so you can all see my ASS in my "ripped see through for at home" leggings. Jokes, but it's true. :P Otherwise, we were making pizza (with our asses?). /Taken at Kaja's house for Halloween.

Me painting my room. :)

Me last summer, picture taken by my cousin Sara. We went for a cold drink, because we had to wait for a bus for another 45 minutes, because the one that was suppose to be our bus, the driver decided not to stop. Haha, so funny. Not.

One of those stupid ones when you have nothing to do. :D
At our local pizzeria last year in September. Awful hair.

I am actually not a smoker, but as you can see there's a bottle of Martini in the background & we had a camera so. :P Photoshoot experiments.

Me and my brother, Jure. :)

Me last year when we were on a vacation. I just like this picture. :)
Our dog, Lola. :)

Haha: "Oh my god, why is this bottle empty already It can't be...?? :O"

That's why...

Lunch. :P I just love taking pictures of what I'm eating.

Guitar hero. :D Halloween party, yeaaaaaaaah!!!! /Taken at Kaja's house for Halloween.

Have a great day!!! And thank you so much for going through all of my GREAT pictures. :P ;) xoxo
(P.S.2 - I usually go through all the mistakes and everything, but today I'll just be spontaneous and NOT DO IT!)