NOTD: Minimalist mani


If I had to pick one type of manicure to wear for the rest of my life, then I wouldn't hesitate to go with the red one. It's my absolute favourite color in the world and it's a timeless classic.

But, sometimes I do happen to grow tired of it, and in fact, sometimes I grow tired of color at all. So this here is more than a nice variation. My new favourite mani: minimalist, plain & beautiful.


OOTD: Rock'n'roll

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I think it's pretty obvious how on some occasions I have quite a lot to say, and then again, some other days I just cannot find the words to describe anything at all. Today is one of the quiet days, but that doesn't mean my head is empty or lacking ideas. Quite on the contrary, sometimes I just get all lonesome and shut myself off and away from people and then I just think and read, I listen to music, I create, I dream, I let myself be. And it's soothing. I might do it for the rest of the week. And repeat every once in a while.

Maybe that is why I picked out this outfit today. To scream on the outside, while I'm calm on the inside. For the contrast. Another proof, how you shouldn't judge the book by its cover.

I am wearing: random sunglasses, H&M chain necklace, Oviesse bralette, eBay & DIY Chanel drip tank, American Apparel disco pants, Vans shoes, Kiko lipstick.


NEW IN: The swimsuit


New bikini after 4 years. Whoa, talking about "a while".

Beyoncé for H&M, mismatched, tropical. I love it!


Perfect day

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Yesterday's Sunday could well make up for every boring one I had so far.

I found an old vintage cabinet at my dad's house, took it home and am now in a process of cleaning it up and renovating, while still trying to keep it pretty much the way it was. I can't wait to finish this little DIY and put it on the blog.
Then my friend, Kaja, unexpectedly visited me. We went out for a spontaneous mini trip, that ended up with a photoshoot for the blog and a yummy pizza. Then, of course, 3 hours of playing Heads Up. This is how life should be more often. Lou Reed's song comes to mind, instantly.

I am wearing: American Apparel mesh black tee, River Island high waisted black trousers, ASOS suede flatforms, Manhattan lipstick, granny glasses from Camden.