Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween you guys! :D Ahhhhh, usually this is not something big in our country, because we have the carnival in February, that's when we dress up and stuff. But it's become really popular within years and I enjoy it very much! :)) The spooky stuff, the pumpkins, everything is just so awesome!! I love it! :D So, today one of my friends is home alone and we are throwing a small Halloween party, with so called "Zombie Cocktails", tasty food and of course lots of fun! :)) I really hope it'll be a great evening...and night! :P

So, as we already have that carnival that I mentioned, we rarely dress up for Halloween. But I do have an idea of what I would like to be, and even though it would be more than perfect for tonight, because of the whole character and everything, I'll save it up for February! :)) Hmmm, should I tell you? Well, let's just say I watched The Addams Family a while ago after a decade and I fell in love with a character of this passionate, pale, mysterious woman. I'm sure you know now. :P

So, as I will have to wait for that, I decided to do something else for today. :)) Yesterday I've read this wonderful post of Laura from That's So Yesterday and it has inspired me to try and do my nails in a Halloween-esque way. :)) I am in a real festive mood and I didn't have anything to do, so I tried it out and I must say it looks awesome to me!! :D

Have a great celebration!! :P :P


Platinum blonde.

Hi there people! Again I am apologizing & I must sound stupid already, but if you remember me mentioning about renovating my room then I must tell you: It's all in progress!! :)) 
I exchanged rooms with my mum, now I've got hers and I must say it's so much better for me, the whole energy in here. Although, it's funny cause it's completely empty. xD The only furniture I have in here is my computer desk. Everything else is in boxes and I still sleep on a matress. I don't even have a wardrobe! HAHA! But it's completely fine with me. I love it, because I know it's all going somewhere! We'll start with painting the walls and then we'll slowly furnish everything. :D Oh and this is the reason why I didn't have internet for 2 weeks, some complications with all the wires and stuff. Today we got it working and I'm so glad I can post again!! :))

So, I'll post a few pics of my empty room, just so you can see it. :D And I'll post an outfit of last saturday, when we went to a party. I also - finally - dyed my hair. Platinum blonde, aaaah, that's my thing. :)) I think my whole face looks different when my hair is white from roots to tips. And today I also cut my fringe. Again, after 6 months. It was about time for a change & I think my face shape looks better with a fringe. :)) At least it's a change and I needed it!! But I still love the shaved thingy underneath it all. :P

My messy room from last week. xD Now I did manage to make it look "normal", although the boxes are everywhere and I can't help that. And also two random pics. :)) On the first picture I'm wearing that I love NY t-shirt, that my friend bought for me when she was visiting New York a few weeks ago. The last picture I took last week through my bedroom window. Loved the clouds. :))

I had to take pictures by myself, so there's no good shots of the whole outfit, but I hope you'll get an idea. I am wearing: Tally Weijl leopard outerwear, New Yorker black shirt, Tally Weijl liquid treggings, black boots & a golden necklace that I bought in an indian shop on vacation. :))


Une nuit gastronomique.

Hello darlings! We went out this Friday, except this time we didn't go on some kind of party to get drunk and dance all night long (that's planned for the next weekend, haha). :D As we need something different from time to time, we decided to go to this restaurant called Etna. It's a part of Magma X, this is a center which they built a year ago or something, it has a bowling alley, a snooker alley, restaurant, cocktail bar & dancefloor with different DJ's at weekends & it's also a beauty center and it has a gym and many aerobics/workout classes (which we also plan to attend soon :P) and stuff too. :))

The food was so delicious and we had a great time!! :)) I also had the chance to put my high heels on after a loooong time. I only shouldn't have drank so much of that tasty grapefruit flavoured beer, I had to go piss every 10 minutes - in high heels and the toilets were so far away!! O.o xD
Homemade ravioli with tomato and mozzarella filling in pesto sauce. YUM!!
Creme brulee with chopped strawberries. YUM x2!!
Sorry, this is the only photo on which you can see the whole outfit from the evening, we only managed to take this one. xD

I was wearing: mum's black shirt, mum's necklace, Zara blue harem pants with a bow, H&M blue ring, mum's blue heels, Tally Weijl leopard printed outerwear. :)) The only difference in the pictures is that I had to wear my tights later on Friday, because it was freezing outside!!


Wednesday afternoon.

current clothing: tracksuit
current taste: gnocchi with apricot that I had for lunch
current hair: time for hairdresser

current smell: orange-papaya body spray
current refreshment: orange juice
current worry: It's not exactly some serious worry, but I want to finish all my plans in time
current music: Lady Gaga - Paparazzi (on piano live)
current lyric in your head: "promise I'll be kind, but I won't stop until that boy is mine"
current plans for tonight: watching Top Model
current obsession: renovating everything, from my room to my closet
current favorite book: Master Key System
current favorite movie: Remember Me
Just saw this "current" thing on Julia Louise's blog & thought it would be a nice change, instead of writing that intro everyday. Don't get me wrong, I like to write about what I've been up to and share things with you, but from time to time you need something different to make it more interesting. :P
Otherwise, today I did a little make up thing. I went on YouTube before and I saw this tutorial, it was make up of LaRoux from the video Bulletproof. I wanted to try it out, because it looked really interesting. So I did it, but more in my way, because I don't own all the things that the girl used, so I just used the colours from my palette. Mine looks kinda more natural, but I still love it, especially I like the peachy lip colour, with the green eyeshadow it just pops out, it looks different and it's nice!

The palette is from eBay, earrings are from H&M. :))



Oh my god, I can't believe it's been 2 weeks!! I am so sorry you guys! :(( First I was absent a lot and didn't manage to post anything & then I got sick (the viruses are already emerging), I am pretty much fine now, still having full nose and soar throat, but I'm so much better. I was just lying on the couch most of this week. :/
So, now I've got lots to catch up on and of course an outfit to post, finally!! ;)) But I promise I'll try not to be absent for so long again, because I hate doing that to my blog. I'll at least update it posting my inspirations and stuff when I'm too busy, otherwise, why do I have an enormous amount of inspiring fashion pictures on my computer? :))

On the other hand, I really have so many plans right now, I must go on a shopping spree, I literally have NOTHING to wear, everything is black and white, I have no autumn/winter stuff AT ALL! God! :| Then I need to get a new haircut, cause this is just horrible and hopefully I will be able to renovate my room very soon & I can't wait for that! :)) If this happens I'll definitely post pictures! Oh, I wish it would as soon as possible!!

I am wearing: white H&M tank top, black mum's oversized shirt, brown vintage belt, gray tights, gold Calzedonia socks, black random brand baret, gold H&M rings, gold earrings that I got for my birthday, don't remember the brand. :))