DIY: Old renewed

DIY wooden table DIY wooden table

Danes bom pa kar v maternem jeziku... Včeraj je bil izredno zanimiv dan v katerem se je utrnilo kar nekaj idej, med drugim sem spontano nabrala nekaj kosov lesa in iz tega je nastala ta preprosta reciklirana mizica, ki mi zdaj služi kot nočna omarica. Tako simple, pa taka vizualna poslastica, vsaj zame. Uživajte v teh dveh random slikah. ;)


Random roadtrip: Grado & A Few Beers


A day came to be this very Saturday, when some magic happened in the Universe and I finally got a day off at work on a weekend. After like a thousand years. Say whaaat?!

So, as my boyfriend had some errands to do and I was left at home alone, there's no way in hell I was going to spend it indoors, doing nothing at all. So, me and my friend Kaja (also a blogger, actually way more active than me, check her blog out) decided to do a random spontaneous roadtrip, somewhere nice and exciting. No real expectations, just to relax and chat, have some coffee, eat and do our usual shit. Turns out, it was the best day ever, a little tourism that ended with a few beers back at our homeland.

In the meanwhile, these were the photos we took along the road... Enjoy!

 grado grado grado           grado grado grado grado grado grado grado grado grado grado           grado grado 

For more photos from this trip, check out my flickr. Thank you for reading & until the next time! :)

P.S. If you are wondering what I was wearing: top, skirt, bag and leather jacket all from H&M & Nike Freeruns.