My first ever Dr Martens

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Aaaaand finally, I got them! Turns out, all the talk is more than true: utterly comfortable, warm, so versatile, they go with absolutely everything (like for real, making the homeless daily looks seem uber cool & fuck up the chic looks so nicely, you'll never wanna wear heels with dresses again) and except for those few blisters, that I got on my very first day wearing them, I have no complaints. At all. You know...first times. ;)


Lumberjack moments

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After a week of working hard during the holidays, I have decided to give myself some rest and slacked through this past week. When I think about it now, this actually wasn't about the laziness, at all. It was something I'm going to do more often, from now on. Shutting off my brain and not thinking about what I should or oughta do and instead letting myself do whatever I want and focus on nothing else but me.
And what I thought would be one very unproductive week, was actually an amazing time, filled with creativity and care for myself, my body and my mind. I gave myself a great rest and actually somehow finished quite a few things I couldn't finish before (that is opposed to when I just preferred to stress about it, instead). Lesson learned. ;)

So, I ate well, did some workout, I went to a few Zumba lessons, took some time to draw and take pictures and listened to fantastic new music. I also did some meditations, visualized, read and just relaxed. And I had the best time hanging out with myself.

However, as much as I love being alone and find it necessary every once in a while, I soon get this need to just go out and do something. So on a Thursday night, I randomly decided to do a little shopping spree and go for a drink with friends. It turned out awesome. I got two new coats for the price of one, which I already intended to buy (gee, thanks H&M!) and had a glass of beer, while chilling at the bowling alley. A great finish to my (un)productive week! :D

What I'm wearing: H&M coat, New Yorker plaid shirt, American Apparel black mesh tee, H&M leggings, Pittarello chelsea boots. Burgundy lipstick is by Art Deco, nails by Essie -Sole Mate, iPhone case by Monki.


Each precious moment

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"It's unfortunate that when we feel a storm
We can roll ourselves over 'cause we're uncomfortable
Oh well, the devil makes us sin
But we like it when we're spinning in his grip"

Massive Attack - Paradise Circus


I ♥ Malmö #1

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Today is really not one of those days when I feel full of enthusiasm and have a ton of ideas to write about, yet I am very much in the mood to show stuff. And so, I have finally decided to post some pictures from my recent trip to Sweden.

And what can I say, just so this post won't be completely dull in words?
It is one beautiful, well organised, aesthetic country. There is beauty on every corner, there is fine living in the air. Without a doubt, one of the most different and wonderful trips I had so far.

Please enjoy these pictures, I will post more and will definitely write about it in the next posts!


Planning outfits for my trip

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The date of my trip to Sweden is finally approaching, infact it's only two days from now. I leave on this Monday, so I am taking care of the last few things on my list. And besides all the important stuff, like making sure I have all the documents, all the papers printed out, the money prepared and so on, there is, of course, one last thing to do. Decide what I am going to wear.

I usually just go with the flow, but this time I have decided to plan a few outfits, and this might be for the first time in years. I love being spontaneous and coming up with something fantastic, just out of the blue, however, going through my wardrobe a few days ago and noticing how many clothes I actually own and how many options I do have, I thought it might no be such a bad idea afterall to start playing dress up from time to time and pick out a few combinations in advance
Because I kinda hate how I wear a lot of the same things over and over, just because they are on the reach or because I'm out of time.
I've really been loving the monochrome lately, so it is probably not as noticeable, yet when I look at all of my other clothes and how many forgotten choices there are, I know I need to give them a chance. ;)

So, for this trip, I came up with three outfits, so far. I wanted them all to be different from one another, comfortable but stylish, yet all to include the same basic piece and be built around it. In this case, my H&M leggings and my VANS tennis shoes. The reason for this is, because I think it is pointless to bring too much stuff and worry about what to wear, so choosing one basic and going from there was great for me. I still need to come up with two more outfits, but I am pretty pleased at the moment.

ASOS beanie - H&M striped shirt / Monki sweater - H&M socks - H&M, Boohoo.com & Camden market rings / ASOS beanie - H&M laether jacket - eBay cropped turtleneck - eBay necklace - HUF socks


Photos of the week

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currently organised vanity table / passing through the old square / spruce tree with a cloudy background / not so secret stash for my trip to Sweden / just trying things on at H&M


I heart polaroids

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I am so glad I found a way to make something out of all these random photos on my phone, that are a little bit blurry, not suitable for instagram, but still too interesting for me to delete. So, making these retro digital polaroids was a cool idea, that came to mind. I just love to indulge in those little moments of experimenting with all the possibilities and making regular shitty photos look somewhat awesome. I don't even care if they're perfect or good enough, I just love being an amateur here and have fun with it. I hope to post more of these in the future!

Otherwise, some updates... 
This Monday is actually a funday for me, at least for now. Since I'm back at school and back to studying, I decided to cut out at work a little bit & I now only work on the weekends. And after a year and a half of being practically a robot, it's actually a nice and welcoming change to have a few days completely to myself. I know it is the right time for this, as I am really willing to finish my school and move on to better and greater things in life.

However, I am very grateful for this past year, it has been really wonderful to me; I got my first long-term job as a student, I earned quite some money, I was finally able to buy all the clothes and shoes and things I always wanted, without having to depend on anyone, I went to parties and festivals, I ate great food and met great inspiring people, I got three new tattoos, went to London, learned beautiful new things and became a lot more responsible as a person. All in all, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

And now, as the summer has ended, I kinda knew I was ready for more, as if everything in this past year was one brilliant platform for the future. So, I decided to suck it up for a couple of months, finish my old sins and start living a new and better life and strive to everything I always wanted. And I feel as I'm on the right path. Life is good. 

P.S. Aaaaand, I'm also travelling to Sweden in exactly a week, to visit my best friend. I haven't seen her in almost two months and I can't wait! :D

So, happy Monday to you all, I'm gonna spend the rest of it at my Zumba lesson, then have a nice dinner and I might finally watch The Great Gatsby. It's been months since I wanted to do that... :|


One saturday morning



After two weeks, I am finally doing a brand new post and hopefully, this will be a beginning of something beautiful, a little manifestation of everything that has been going through my mind lately. ;) 

With my precious phone back in my hands, which, at the moment, is my main photographic equipment, (that is, until I get myself a good quality camera), I decided to do an easy, Saturday kind of post. Just to get things rolling. 

So, on this rainy day, which by the way, has been far from boring by now, I have decided to play some fine living instead of just bragging about the weather. Turns out, I should do that more often.

I first started my morning by going through some pictures on instagram, pinterest and I scrolled my way through a few blogs. It's funny how beautiful pictures of cool people, nice places and great home decor somewhat always manage to make me feel good about life and level up my vibes. So, after my battery charging, I made myself a nice breakfast and it turned out so delicious, that I decided to share the recipe here on the blog. Also, because every reason to take some pictures is a brilliant one! ;)

Ingredients I used:
- some bread
- pesto
- edamer cheese
- gorgonzola cheese
- zucchini
- black and green olives
- soy sauce
- olive oil

As followed by the list, I first spreaded some pesto on the bread, then added two different types of cheese, covered it with a few thin zucchini slices, some olives and sprinkled some olive oil and soy sauce on top. I put it in the oven for 10min, while I made myself a cup of my favourite tea: Twinings Green Tea with Mint. Et voila! The breakfast of champs. 


Let me introduce myself

nina nina2

I am Nina. I am 22 years old. I live in a really small place in Slovenia. This is not my first blog. This is not my first attempt at blogging. But, it is a different attempt. It's also not my first "new beginning" and it is probably not the last. But again, it is a good thing to make a change every once in a while.

I am complex, but simple, all at the same time. Maybe just in different measures. Things are black and white for me, most of the time, as someone just pointed it out for me. Either I will be into doing something, or I will not be interested in doing it at all. That often leads to me losing interest over things and being slightly less persistent as a person. But I'm learning to overcome that.
Things are different when it comes to views on life and opinions, however. I can strongly believe in something, but I tend to be open about things and am interested in different varieties.

I am very enthusiastic and creative. I enjoy everything beautiful and aesthetic, but I also enjoy things that even make me feel a little bizarre at times. A whole spectrum of different things fascinates me. From cheerful to melancholic, from pretty to grotesque. Somehow, I feel as it is normal and even necessary, because in the end, we all have our bright and dark sides, which we need to explore. But I am more of a joyful person, nonetheless.

I don't believe in the definition of beautiful, I believe in perspective. And how perspective can make us see beauty so differently. Or anything, really. It's fascinating to listen to other people's ideals.

I am a little dramatic. Always. It sometimes annoys me in life, but it interests me on so many levels. Why do I like things to be overwhelming? What can I do with this trait? How can I create out of it?
I noticed I like to use it most when I write. I feel it makes everything better to my liking. I miss written word feeling a little more relevant and a little less ordinary. And again, it's funny how this might be a complete bullshit to someone else. Haha, perspective.

There's nothing I love more than art. What exactly is art to me?
It's music, film, photography, books, paintings... It's writing, reading, listening, creating, designing... It's life, love, sex, people, words that we say... It's probably whatever you want it to be.
I love art and I love creating. There's a feeling of belonging for me, in art. And that's one thing I'm one hundred percent sure of. This is what I want to do in life.

I also am passionate about travelling. I'm still a rookie, but it is my desire and one of my life goals to live somewhere else in the future and experience life differently.

I am really not a tough character to handle, even though I may appear so every now and then. I just have some baggage I need to put aside and leave it in the past. But that makes me no different to any other person, I guess.

I have recently decided to change my life completely and start living.

So I started doing everything that pleasures me and make me happy. And this blog will be my journal. Sometimes just a visual one, on other occasions a diary for my ideas. Whatever will come to mind, really.

So, stick with me if you want to. I will be writing, taking pictures, showing off my fashion sense, doing projects, travelling, vlogging and learning to be as positive as possible. And yes, I will also swallow my word sometimes, do exactly what I say I never do and make a fool out of myself. But I am just a human, making my life worth living. ;)



NOTD: Minimalist mani


If I had to pick one type of manicure to wear for the rest of my life, then I wouldn't hesitate to go with the red one. It's my absolute favourite color in the world and it's a timeless classic.

But, sometimes I do happen to grow tired of it, and in fact, sometimes I grow tired of color at all. So this here is more than a nice variation. My new favourite mani: minimalist, plain & beautiful.