Who wants my baby?

Sunday today! I rarely like Sundays, it's that "the end of the week, Monday tomorrow" horrible energy that bothers me so much. And this whole boring feeling that I get each Sunday, because usually nothing's really happening, everything is way too peaceful, even the sun is shining differently, at least I feel that way. Or there's a bunch of fog and rain going on outside, everything in the house looks so Sundayish and horrible and there's nothing on TV till 11pm and this day is just way too depressing for me.
It's obviously even worse now, when the winter is coming, in the summer, when the days are longer and it's warm outside it can be just lovely, but right now I hate it. I am not some kind of hyperactive maniac xD I do need my alone time to think and rest my head, but on this kind of days it's just a no for me! I need entertainment too much. So, thank god that today my mum and my grandmother thought of a little "trip". We went to a small restaurant, where we had these terriffic gratinated pancakes and a cappuccino. I started to feel better right away! :))

On the other hand, yesterday was great! :)) I didn't have any plans and then my cousin called me if I wanted to come on a shopping spree with her, cause she needed a dress for her father's birthday dinner. We went to so many shops and I must say, it drove me crazy, because I didn't have a lot of money with me, but I did buy this bowler hat! I wanted it for such a long time and finally I got one! My beautiful baby! :P
Then later in the evening, my friend called me if I wanted to go to this party, it just felt too damn good, cause I wanted to go somewhere so much!! :P We had such a fantastic time and it was a great day! :D

I am wearing: New Yorker black bowler hat, I love NY tee my friend brought me from NY city, Tally Weijl black satin pants, Graceland shoes, H&M rings.


Eva Ana said...

Huuuuudača :)

NinaSafada said...

Že tvoji komentarji so impresionantni, kaj šele tvoj stil! :)) Hvala ti ful!

Vintage and Cake said...

hahha I love this :) Oh glad you had a great time shopping and you got 'your baby' who is super cute BTW. Sometimes it's just great to be out with a friend and try stuff on and have a good moan ! That's what I do :) Thank you for all your lovely comments hun, hope you are well xxx

irina said...

love your hat! and t as well!

Anastasia said...

I want to wear my bowler hat now! =D Thanks for reminding me that I have one! xD

Haha! Great text about that sunday feeling! I couldn't describe it better! =D

Zala for PFC said...

You look like young Xtina on the first pic :) I like it.

jamie-lee said...

I never want Sundays to end! You look gorgeous dear xx


Abi said...

I love the bowler hat! I really love the weekends, but I don't mind weekdays either. Hehe. Maybe I need to experience one of those "manic mondays" then I'll change my mind

NinaSafada said...

Thank you so much to all of you!! :))
Hehe, yeah I can see a little similarity between me and X-tina on that pic. :D Good eye... :))