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I haven't decided yet what this blog is going to be about. Or, yes I actually might have - mainly things that I find beautiful, inspiring and want to share with the rest of this world. Be it: interior design, DIY's, beautiful projects and of course, the reason I first created this little corner for; my personal style.

Funny things is, when I started my blog, I really wanted it to be fashion all the way, for the most part (even though I now cringe at my first posts, but hey, we all have to start somewhere haha). Now, I think my perception of it has changed quite a lot. I don't think I am ever going to refer to my blog as a fashion blog, because, well, first of all, it isn't. And second of all, I have realized that fashion is something I DO respect and admire, but if I compare myself to other fashionable people, I am just not that into it. It might sound illogical or stupid and quite possibly it is just a phase in my life, where other things bring out far more interest in me. But I am in a complete love/hate relationship with it. A term I sometimes thought it was a complete bullshit and I could never get its actual meaning. But now I do, it describes me perfectly. 

And what do I mean by that? I am obsessed with clothes, I shop whenever I can and for as long as I can, what the hell, I could do an all day marathon every few days if I had the money. I always check out other people's style, can't help but do that. I act like a stupid infant when I see something I like, while imagining how would I style it. BUT - I am no longer that interested in fashion magazines, I can't remember the last time I bought one, I follow the trends, however, weird and unusual street style is what feeds me, I rarely watch fashion shows, editorials never make me as enthusiastic as they should and compared to other people who shine like diamonds when talking about all of this, I just feel like an asshole. And a phony.

I am just not that into it, honestly. But, I am okay with it, because I feel so liberated by admitting this. I just don't care that much, I don't strive to achieve perfection with what I wear and I don't pretend to be some great fashionista. I just want to wear whatever makes me feel good, keeping in mind that I might look like a fucking disaster from time to time. Because hey, that's what I am sometimes. And I'm just a human. 
So, with all further respect to other fashion obsessed people out there, because, really, do not get me wrong, I'm not trying to put anyone down here and I actually admire you for being able to love the fashion world as much as I can't, but that is my truth. And it might be someone else's as well. I respect all of us, because we all bring something to it and make it what it is and the reason I had to write this was to clear this up with myself, but also to explain to my audience what can they expect from me at all.

So, as I mentioned, personal style still is one of the primary reasons why I want to post on here, so, I'll leave you with a little dose of it from two weeks ago, that I really didn't have the chance to post before, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. 

If you had read this, thank you. And please, if I do spark some interest in you, don't hesitate to follow my blog. Of course, if I don't, that's completely fine as well. :D

I am wearing: H&M burgundy beanie & chain necklace, DIY cut out tank, H&M men tracksuit shorts, DIY boots.


Slađi said...

Odlicno napisano sem skozi celi post samo kimala z glavo :D Se popolnoma najdem v tvojih besedah.. Tudi sama nisem kupila revije ze puuhh se sploh ne spomnim.. nekako mi je najbolje opazovati ljudi po ulicah, njihov stil in kako nosijo oblacila.. Uglavnem super super post in seveda outfit je za 10! Sem imela podobne kratke hlace pa so po parih pranjih popolnoma izgubile obliko :(( ocitno moram ponovno na lov.. :)

Mushei said...

thumbs up za celoten post! in super outfit :)

Anita (Life.Style.Fun.) said...

Res super napisano, se ful najdem not. Razen, da če bi imela ful ful dnarja, bi vseeno verjetno le enkrat na mesec imela šoping maraton.
Jaz tudi opisujem svojo zvezo z modo z love/hate (:

Pa cenim, da si si vzela čas za takšno dolgo objavo, mi je super všeč to! <3

NinaSafada said...

Hvala vam drage moje. Jaz pa resnicno cenim taksne cudovite odzive in ljudi, ki si vzamejo cas, da preberejo taksne poste. :) <3

Law whalebone said...

I love this outfit, you look amazing! Why not make it about everything, that's what I have done with mine, a nice mix of posts to keep it fresh xx