My first ever Dr Martens

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Aaaaand finally, I got them! Turns out, all the talk is more than true: utterly comfortable, warm, so versatile, they go with absolutely everything (like for real, making the homeless daily looks seem uber cool & fuck up the chic looks so nicely, you'll never wanna wear heels with dresses again) and except for those few blisters, that I got on my very first day wearing them, I have no complaints. At all. You know...first times. ;)


Kaja Rescic said...

Ah, zdaj jih bom pa še jst hotla. ;)

rudegirlnina said...

@Kaja Rescic - kupi kupi kupi :D

Slađi said...

Se popolnoma strinjaam, Martinke pasejo k vsem kombinacijam + plus dodajo jim tisti grunge pridih :D
Jaz zal se nisem zbrala dovolj denarja za original.. upam pa da kmalu :D

skadiida said...

just saw your tattoo on tattoologist and i love it! i plan to get roses on the same place. was it more painful then somewhere else? also i really love your style + blog. you have a def a new follower! ;D


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