It's February 9th today and this is probably the first time this year that I've popped around my blog to check on it, remember what I once used to do with it, see my old posts and feel that eagerness that I used to have back in time. It made me want to start again on many occasions, but until now I never did.

Maybe it's the still fresh "start of a new year" vibe, that kinda made me come here, it's giving me new ideas and in a way I really want to do more with my life this year, even though I don't tend to set any specific goals or resolutions anymore, I just let myself go and when something pops into my mind, I try to make the best out of it.

However, one funny thing is how I used to write this blog every week for a few years and I always thought in the back of my head "this is all bullshit anyway" & today I go and browse through it and realize that the only bullshit here is me not being able to believe in myself and follow my ideals, doing the things I like. I have always enjoyed writing and being creative in whichever way and today when I read those silly old lines, I miss the person behind them. Suddenly, they don't seem so silly anymore. Quite the opposite, now I just feel like and idiot for thinking to be an idiot.

So for the start, I might let some old beliefs vanish in the air and set that passion on fire yet again. Cause I kinda still got it, ya know.

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