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It's a quiet and easy going morning. I have an errand, but a pleasant one, meaning I'm mostly bound to driving around today. I don't mind, I rarely mind that. If there's a place and time when I feel completely free and careless, then that is when I'm driving a car. No heavy thoughts, just riding and being. It especially pleases me when it involves nice spring weather and such beautiful places as the ones I've visited today, mostly nature involved.

I am done by 10.00am and I start to feel a little bit hungry, so I stop at a grocery store on my way home. I buy myself a tuna tramezzino sandwich and a nice iced coffee. I craved it. Then I sit in my car yet again and start thinking up a spot where I could eat. I make a pit stop at this resting place along the road, that I drive past almost every day and that I really like. It's a beautiful sunny spring day, every bit of nature is turning green and it makes me so happy. I stop the car, snap a few pictures and indulge into my meal. Something's different today. It's one of those moments that you sometimes plan to do and it's almost cinematic as it happens, but it really is even more amazing when it occurs spontaneously. It's one of those moments that you want more often in life and instantly become grateful for. Alligned, yes, that is how I felt.

A few minutes later a guy stops at the spot as well. I don't mind. He gets out of the car and takes a stretch, leaving some music on. I can hear Dido playing. Haven't heard that album in quite a while, then a song comes up, one that I don't know by name and it sticks with me. I finish my "on the go" breakfast and slowly drive off. When I come home I hop on YouTube and yes, there it is. Hunter. I am obsessed for the day.

It amazes me how so little was necessary. This that just happened, this was wonderful. I should listen to the little voice in my head and do random things much more often.

Much love!

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