I think I nailed it.

Hey there people! How are you?? :)) I'm fine. Lazy days, mostly. I'm just chilling around the house. Today I finally downloaded the Twilight Saga: Eclipse movie, since I didn't have the chance to see it yet. Can't wait to watch it!! So, I'll just make a quick post & then I'm off to watch!! :)) Today there will be no outfit post, as I didn't go anywhere, but I do have something else, that I hope you'll like as well!! :))

Oh, also, just wanted to tell you, that I am kind of horrified, as I heard on the news that this weekend there's not just going to be bad weather with rain, there was a prediction of flooding and also avalanches. :/ I can't even think about it, as our little town of Kanal lays by the river of Soča and this same thing has already happened this last Christmas. It was raining like crazy and on the Christmas morning the river was already almost reaching the road on the bridge!! :| Awful!!


I actually don't want to think about this too much, cause it makes me worried. :/ So, let's change the subject. This is what I wanted to show you guys. These are my nails that I did yesterday, they were inspired by Ke$ha's nails from the VMA awards. I fell in love with them the minute I saw them and I decided to try 'em out. So, tell me, tell me!! Do you like it??? :)) They are pretty kitschy, yeah, I don't think every woman would want them, but I like to do something new from time to time, as I usually just wear the regular nail polish. :))


I hope you DO like them!! :))


Abi said...

Your nails are pretty! I love the idea of different animal prints!

Hopefully your town doesn't get too flooded this weekend. That would be horrifying!

Did you enjoy Twilight? It gets cheesier each film, but I still keep watching. Haha!

Have a great weekend!

NinaSafada said...

Thank you SO much Abi!!! :))

Yeah, me too :S it just started raining, we'll see... :/

Yeaaah, I did enjoy it, can't wait for the other two movies, but I also must admit, it really gets cheesier & the first movie is still my favourite! :))

Have a great weekend too!!! ;)) xoxo

Vintage and Cake said...

wow your nails look amazing you should so do a how to, I posted about the VMA's and I just loved her nails. You have them spot on :P BTW I LOVE the lady Gaga top it is pretty cool xxxx

beba said...

Hey Nina!

Ej, hvala ti za komentarje, vedno jih je tak fajn prebrat! (:

Meni osebno takšni nohti niso kaj prida všeč, ampak moram pohvalit tvojo odlično izvedbo, res ti je uspelo! Tak da ja, obenem mi so všeč in niso :D

Mir in ljubezen!

NinaSafada said...

thank you so much laura!!! :)) and that's a very good idea, I could really do a how to...if people want... :)) oh, I love this top too!! :D I LOVE Lady Gaga, can't wait for her concert in November!!!

hej anita, hvala tebi!! :)) vem da niso vsi za take stvari, ampak cenim vsako iskreno mnenje in sem prav tako vesela, da ljudje prepoznajo trud...tako da še 1x hvala!! :)) xoxoxo

Mystery Bruises said...

amazing nails!
i want to try this, new favourite blog! keep up the good stuff

NinaSafada said...

thank you so much!!! :))) I'm so glad you like it! stop by whenever you want... :))