Punker chick.

Uuuuh, I haven't posted anything for almost a week! :/ Bad bad me. But I promise I'll make it up to you guys, because I really love doing this and I love to share my style with you and find inspiration in others. :)) Soooo...yesterday, guess what, we went to a party!! xD It was a concert/DJ party & although we weren't drinking at all (which is kind off a welcome change ;)) ), it was such an energetic night. We didn't even need anything in our blood, 'cause it was boiling on its own! :P We were enjoying it so much, dancing and everything, I bet people actually thought we were drunk as hell. :D

So, as it has got much colder outside (although, today it's warm again :D), I decided to bring all those pretty autumn/winter clothes out of my wardrobe, that I haven't had the chance to put on for a really long time. It's a welcome change, those barettes, jackets, knitter wear etc.. :)) I am full of new ideas, because I haven't seen those clothes in a while. :))

I also did something yesterday, which is kinda funny. :D When I did my last hair cut, I was a bit shaved on the left side of the head, but it was about 1cm long. And I told my mum yesterday if she could shorten it up for me, because it has grown and it looked horrible. And she didn't even put on that attachemnt, for you to choose how long do you want it, so she just shaved it all off. So I am officially bald on the left side of my head. Yeaah! HAHA! xD OK, it's not that bad, it'll grow in about a week or two & then I'll color my hair. I actually still don't know if I want to maintain my shaved head for a little more, or just let it grow back. We'll see....for now, I'm rocking my punk hair. LOL!

It's not the best picture, because of the hat, but I'll post more anyway... :))

I am wearing: H&M black lacey dress, New Yorker plaided tights, New Yorker knitted sweater, vintage grandmother's boots, New Yorker black bag, random brand black hat, H&M golden rings. :))



Emilie said...

Very cool pictures! Nice blog :)


maybe you'd like to visit me sometime?

NinaSafada said...

Thank you!! :))

Sure, I always take a peek to see what other people have going on on their blogs! ;))