Oh my god, I can't believe it's been 2 weeks!! I am so sorry you guys! :(( First I was absent a lot and didn't manage to post anything & then I got sick (the viruses are already emerging), I am pretty much fine now, still having full nose and soar throat, but I'm so much better. I was just lying on the couch most of this week. :/
So, now I've got lots to catch up on and of course an outfit to post, finally!! ;)) But I promise I'll try not to be absent for so long again, because I hate doing that to my blog. I'll at least update it posting my inspirations and stuff when I'm too busy, otherwise, why do I have an enormous amount of inspiring fashion pictures on my computer? :))

On the other hand, I really have so many plans right now, I must go on a shopping spree, I literally have NOTHING to wear, everything is black and white, I have no autumn/winter stuff AT ALL! God! :| Then I need to get a new haircut, cause this is just horrible and hopefully I will be able to renovate my room very soon & I can't wait for that! :)) If this happens I'll definitely post pictures! Oh, I wish it would as soon as possible!!

I am wearing: white H&M tank top, black mum's oversized shirt, brown vintage belt, gray tights, gold Calzedonia socks, black random brand baret, gold H&M rings, gold earrings that I got for my birthday, don't remember the brand. :))


Vintage and Cake said...

welcome back hun, I wondered where you had gone ...I hope you are feeling better I love this outfit and your rings are so cool. Take care of yourself hun, lots of fluid and some crap TV should help :P Have a great week x

Babe Jane said...

i love your rings :)


Theonlyfashionprincess said...

Welcome back. :) I hope you're feeling better! The socks are beautiful!! Lovely pictures.


With love, Ana. said...

Ufff si huda, totalno!! <3

Agitarsi said...

Amazing outfit!


NinaSafada said...

thank you so much girls, I appreciate it!! :))

laura, thank you! :)) yeah, I am so much better now & yes, that's exactly what I was doing, tea and stupid tv shows...but it helps! xD xoxo :))

joj ana, hvala ti!! :))

vulnerablee said...

ou, ou I love your blog <3

NinaSafada said...

thank you so much martienn!! :))

pika said...

Hey girl!

Super prstani! In hvala za comment. Škornji so pa tut men hudi :P

Take care<3



NinaSafada said...

Hej Pika! :)) Hvala tudi tebi za komentar! :)) Res so hudi! ;))

julia louise said...

Awesome. Like you hair, hun ;-)


NinaSafada said...

Thank you Julia!! :)) xoxo

Simona said...

Vav, tele fotke so super! You look so pretty!! Pa črno-bela kombinacija je super, klasika ;) Vsec mi je izgled bloga (nov ce se ne motim? :))


NinaSafada said...

Hvala Simona!!! :)) Ja, sem ga pred kratkim malo spremenila, ker mi prejšnji ni bil čisto všeč, takrat nisem še znala usega naštimat, zdej sem pa zadovoljna... :D

Everyday-Couture said...

You are beautiful.

Like your socks.

NinaSafada said...

Thank you so much, now you've made my day! :))