Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween you guys! :D Ahhhhh, usually this is not something big in our country, because we have the carnival in February, that's when we dress up and stuff. But it's become really popular within years and I enjoy it very much! :)) The spooky stuff, the pumpkins, everything is just so awesome!! I love it! :D So, today one of my friends is home alone and we are throwing a small Halloween party, with so called "Zombie Cocktails", tasty food and of course lots of fun! :)) I really hope it'll be a great evening...and night! :P

So, as we already have that carnival that I mentioned, we rarely dress up for Halloween. But I do have an idea of what I would like to be, and even though it would be more than perfect for tonight, because of the whole character and everything, I'll save it up for February! :)) Hmmm, should I tell you? Well, let's just say I watched The Addams Family a while ago after a decade and I fell in love with a character of this passionate, pale, mysterious woman. I'm sure you know now. :P

So, as I will have to wait for that, I decided to do something else for today. :)) Yesterday I've read this wonderful post of Laura from That's So Yesterday and it has inspired me to try and do my nails in a Halloween-esque way. :)) I am in a real festive mood and I didn't have anything to do, so I tried it out and I must say it looks awesome to me!! :D

Have a great celebration!! :P :P


Eva M said...

wow, nohti so mi zeeeeeelo všeč! :)
js grem tudi danes na halloween party in poskušam izrezati bučo :D

veselo noč čarovnic! :P

Nuša♥ said...

uuuuuuu hudo <3

Collette Osuna said...

Happy Halloween...cute blog, I just found you:)

Stop by and say Hello ♥
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Camilla Kirkegaard said...

Love the nails... :)


Vintage and Cake said...

Glad that post give you some inspiration, these are bloody amazing ! I love your nail designs, you should do a how to or you tube video soon. So fab !!! My nail art sucks :( Happy Halloween and thanks for the loveage xxxx

jamie-lee said...

Your halloween nails look fantastic! x


NinaSafada said...

Hvala vsem za prelepe komentarje! :)) Upam, da ste se meli lepo za noč čarovnic. Jaz sem se! :P

Thank you girls! :)) I'm so glad you like it! Thank you Laura, you know, I'm already thinking about doing that... :D xoxoxo :))

Panda said...

Your nails! Amazing! Thanks for your lovely comment, I'm back posting! Been so busy >_< Panda xo

Ana said...

Hudi nohti! :)

XX, Ana


Kayla said...

Those nails are great. I hope you had a Happy Halloween.

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Abi said...

You are so creative with nails! I love these.
I don't really celebrate halloween since it's not something I grew up with. Maybe next year I'll dress up. How was your mini party? Hope it was tonnes of fun!


Annet said...

You did a great job with your nails! Very creative! Did you had a happy Halloween?

K. Annet

Dylana Suarez said...

Hope you had a great Halloween!

Just came across your blog!


hiven said...

x hivennn

matchboxmuse said...

oh wow that's so amazing! you must have a ton of patience :) hope your halloween was great. lovely blog!

love, M

NinaSafada said...

Thank you ALL so so much!! :)) My Halloween party was just great! :)) xoxoxo

Hvala usem!!! :)))))

Anastasia said...

Wow! That's so awesome! =D
I got more nail art tutorials under the label 'DIY' ^^


NinaSafada said...

Thank you Anastasia! :D