First gifts.

No, Santa didn't come early for me this year, but the eBay package did! :D Me and my mum ordered a few things from eBay two weeks ago and they arrived today!! I ran to the post office the minute I saw that notification in the mail box. So, I ordered a pair of leopard leggings, because I just couldn't seem to find them anywhere! :/ Not in one store, not in Italy, nowhere! Then I finally found them a few weeks ago in New Yorker, they looked perfect, but all the leggings were "one size" and when I tried them on it looked terrible!! The material is just horrible, I couldn't even pull them up my leg, the pattern would just stretch and it didn't go anywhere. :| 
So I decided not to buy them, even though I wanted them so badly, but no way I would buy something that I don't feel comfortable in and couldn't even put on normally, just becaue I can't find it anywhere else. Then me, miss "smarty pants" :D I finally remembered of eBay - tons of them of course! I checked about 50 pairs, looked who are the sellers with "positive feedback" and ordered. And, two weeks later, here they are, I love them!! :)) <3

Oh, yesterday I also went to H&M, since I had to wait for my mum (what a punishment :P), so I bought myself a top that I wanted for quite some time, but now it was also on sale. :D Hoorah! When she came I put everything in my bag, but she asked me right away: "Aha! What did you buy again?!" :D Hahahahaha, I admit that I'm obsessed with doing this, even if I have only 5€ in my wallet, I'll try to spend them "wisely" on some accessories. OK sometimes I'll rater spend them on a good piece of cake. :P 

Oh, and it's already all Christmas & Co. in the stores, the music, the decorations, everything. Even the shopping bag from H&M is already Christmas inspired. Ha! :D I must admit I do love Christmas, I could even say it's my favourite holiday of the year, I love that atmosphere, smell of tea with cinnamon, cooked wine and panettone, making a X-mas tree, snow (if there's any), all the lights and decorations outside AND the fact that my cousin Sara comes to visit again, I can't wait!!!. :)) Oh, and the presents, who am I fooling?! :D:D

Some random photos...

From left to right: my little brother's new "old school" glasses (real diopter glasses, not just an accessory unfortunately :D), shoes I've been trying on in Pittarello a while ago. 
In the bottom are some pictures of the things I've been trying on yesterday: pants from New Yorker (it's a military green with that black high waist, loved them), a black velvet dress from Oviesse (nice dress, a bit too expensive though, I don't think it's worth that much & I think it's time to get a boyfriend, at least for a thing called the back zipper, since I was trying to unzip myself for quite a while xD), leggings with jeans print from New Yorker.

And now I'm off to study! But be sure I'll come back in the evening, I'll check out all your blogs and feed my soul!! :))


nuusheftw said...

Pajkice ti res zlo pašejo. ((:
In omg, me wants tote čevlje. <3

Sicer pa men "xmas spirit" vedno kmalu začne najedat, ampak proti darilom pa nikoli nimam nič. :D

NinaSafada said...

Hvala Nuša! :D Ja, tut jst hočem tiste čevlje!! Žal jih nisem kupila takrat, ker sem bla bolj na suhem. xD

Hehehehe, darila, kdo jih ne bi maral, a? :))

Biba said...

Huh, kakšna čudovita postava!

Marella said...

Love the shoes!

NinaSafada said...

Joj Biba, hvala. :))

Thank you!!

Anabell said...

ohhh those booties are really nice!!! Thank u so much for ur comment and for follow me :) I give my best and i´ll continue doing it :) xoxo

Fashion fly said...

Noro huda očala, si jih moraš kdaj sposodit ;)
In tista obleka spodaj ti reees paše,poišči kje kkšno bolj pocen varianto ker je res huda!! & agreed on the boyfriend and back zippers :) hahaha
XX, Ana

Ela_Uu said...

1.:super si preuredila blog,
2.:ful so mi všeč leggice, pa majčka,
3.: noro dobre stene maaaš! :D

NinaSafada said...

Thank you Anabell! :))

Hehehe, so res dobra ja. :P Hvala Ana, tudi meni je bla zelo všeč in bi res mela kako podobno, če jo dobim. Hehe. ;))

Ela, hvala!! :)) Stene so res super, zdaj pa samo še pohištvo, pa bo. :D

Vintage and Cake said...

Loved this post, ooohh I love EBay (saves the day) your like me if I really want something I won't forget it I will track it down ...but like you say no good if the fit is bad :( I hate that. The Ebay ones look fab it does help that you have killer legs and a flat tummy ;) I may have to borrow them for Christmas please, glad to hear you like your cake girly. I love cake and even if it all goes to my bum I still will, but if I can borrow your legs than I will look great :)
AWW I love the scarf really cool, I am a H&M addicted ! I will scrap together my pennies and buy a little hair slide or whatever. I'm being good and not shopping at the moment, I buy WAY too much. Oh you don't need a man, trust me I'm sure they are in a line for you ! The right one may come in 2011, enjoy your freedom and the fact you can buy what you want and go out ..enjoy it you miss it. I love my bloke but sometimes I miss just being with friends and not having to explain why I NEEDED the shoes :P

HAHAH anyway I love the scarf and look forward to more posts xxxxxx