Cheers, red lipstick.

OK, today it's gonna be the second and last post, that I dedicate to last week, when I was with my cousin Sara. I have some more pics to share and, of course, an outfit. :))

I must say that I became a really big fan of gold. I always thought it looked too much, when I put it on I felt like it doesn't belong on me. But now I adore it and own some nice stuff. So, I went to H&M last week and bought myself two huge rings. :P Love them! I also bought this wonderful head band, that you'll see in the photo. I would buy more, but they actually don't have so much to choose right now. It's all transient, and I'll rather wait a bit more. This summer is fucked up anyways, I'll rather spend my money on autumn stuff and be able to WEAR IT. ;))

And, at last, I did something that I wanted for a really long time! I really love heavy makeup and I always wear those heavy black eyes when I go out, but I never had the real opportunity to put on a red lipstick, so this time I did! Finally! And, I must say, it's addicting. Red is my favourite colour. I will become Gwen Stefani. :P

The ring on the left looks black, but it's all gold. :)

The brunette is our another cousin & her name is: NINA! :D We had so much fun, can't wait for X-mas!
I am wearing: New Yorker black cardigan, Zara Lady Gaga t-shirt, Zara high waisted shorts, H&M leopard flats, random brand leopard bag, H&M puffy head band, H&M rings.

Have a nice day! :))


Carmen said...

what a great pics!
you look so good!

check also my blog and maybe we can become blogfriends :)

(check out my new post: golden rings)

my ♥ is here. said...

love ur outfit!!! :)

Andrea said...

I love your headband!

Tesa said...

looove the rings! :)

NinaSafada said...

thank you girls!!!!! :)) appreciate it!!! <3

Nuša♥ said...

Zakon fotkee. <3

Clara said...

amazing look
lovely blog!

With love, Ana. said...

Super prstana in rdeča si lepo pristoji ;)

NinaSafada said...

thank you so much!! :)) I'm glad people like it!!

Erik Goldberg said...

I must say, you have a really great sesne of style. Very hip and at least in this outfit, monochrome. Cool-ness for sure.

NinaSafada said...

Thank you Erik! :))