Hey guys! So, today there's quite a lot of pics going on. Yesterday, as I told on the blog, I went out with my friends, we went for a dinner in a chinese restaurant & then we went to see this small outdoor concert, where a friend of ours was playing with his band. :)) It was AWESOME!! 

First the chinese restaurant, where we ate so much we could barely breathe, although, we all still had a place left for that yummy fried ice cream at the end. :P Then we made a move to Ajdovščina, to see the concert. There were three bands playing, it was really nice. Some great cover songs from Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, even Amy Winehouse. It was real fun, we sang along like crazy, drank a beer or two, a nice evening for sure! At the end, we sat on a sidewalk and talked some more, the topics were just flowing... Crazy day!! :D

Chinese restaurant: 

Mmmmmm, delicious spring rolls, vegetable rice, chicken in sweet-sour sauce, bean sprouts salad, rice noodles with meat and vegetables, chicken with almonds and of course, fried ice cream! :D Yes, we were on a cusp of throwing up later.

Hahaha!! :D:D
I am wearing: H&M white tank top, Tally Weijl black fake leather pants, New Yorker fringed vest, Vagabond gladiator sandals, random brand leopard bag, H&M golden rings, vintage bracelet, H&M sunglasses.

Have a nice weekend!! :))


Tesa said...

fringed vest! :))

NinaSafada said...

yeah, I love it!!! :))

sandra said...

kul.. love the vest too! :)


julia louise said...

Woah! The first pic is so gorgeous ;-) xo


carling said...

cool pics!

Come follow my blog:


NinaSafada said...

thank you girls!!! :))

Hetty said...

Waauw, I really like your look in these pictures!

NinaSafada said...

Thank you very much!!! :D:D xoxo