Lalala. :)

Hello! :) I should be studying right now, but I guess it's one of those days when you just have to take a pause to clear your head, because everything is distracting you all the time. :( 
I hate when this happens, because then I do take a pause and I feel bad about it and I'm afraid I won't have enough time to finish my stuff, but the thing is that I actually do that with everything. I always feel bad about something that I should do, but then I don't and I think about it all the time either way. I'll have to start controlling this. It's not such a bad thing in small doses, it helps you finish some things that you probably wouldn't, but when you really need to relax and you can't stop feeling guilty about it all the way during, what's the point? :S And I know I do this, because of this lifestyle and things that I've been going through for the past few years, which wasn't really great all the time, so I always thought that I'm missing on lot of things and I was worrying about it and making lists in my head of what do I want, but not realizing that I am making a pattern that won't help me, it will only complicate stuff even more. And now when I really feel that it's the right time to star over again, really start living the life I want to live, this crazy thing is bothering me so much. "I'm doing this, but I should also do this and this too and how the hell am I going to do it all?" And then I realize that because of all the worrying I don't do anything. So, the thing is I'm having a hard time letting this go and to just do something about it instead.
In general, I was never really a control freak kind of person or something like that. I like to have my stuff organized, but it's not an aspect of my life that I would worry about, it's a normal unimportant thing that is already settled and I don't think about it. Because otherwise, I was always kind of "go with the flow" "don't worry, be happy" and making spontaneous decision all the time. And I still am like that, I am really an optimist for life and I don't really want to think about everything that I do and why do I do this, but this kind of took over me and I don't like it. I need something to happen in my life, like something to hit me, to make me forget about all the rules and everything, because it's not me or my body that is actually tired, it's my brain from all this thinking and I just need to break this off. I think I need to fall in love. :P

P.S. Thank god it's spring now, this makes me feel so much better about everything and I became much more careless.

So, today...a really honest & personal post. Haha. :D + Some random personal pictures as I am not going anywhere these days, so I don't have any outfits to show, but I hope you'll like this as a substitute, just a bunch of silly pictures that make me happy (or embarassed). :D

Me & my favourite Sacher cake. :D

Me and my friends: Kaja taking a picture, me literally jumping in the frame and Petra looking like "WTF?! O.o"

Me before going to some party. :)

I just put this picture on so you can all see my ASS in my "ripped see through for at home" leggings. Jokes, but it's true. :P Otherwise, we were making pizza (with our asses?). /Taken at Kaja's house for Halloween.

Me painting my room. :)

Me last summer, picture taken by my cousin Sara. We went for a cold drink, because we had to wait for a bus for another 45 minutes, because the one that was suppose to be our bus, the driver decided not to stop. Haha, so funny. Not.

One of those stupid ones when you have nothing to do. :D
At our local pizzeria last year in September. Awful hair.

I am actually not a smoker, but as you can see there's a bottle of Martini in the background & we had a camera so. :P Photoshoot experiments.

Me and my brother, Jure. :)

Me last year when we were on a vacation. I just like this picture. :)
Our dog, Lola. :)

Haha: "Oh my god, why is this bottle empty already It can't be...?? :O"

That's why...

Lunch. :P I just love taking pictures of what I'm eating.

Guitar hero. :D Halloween party, yeaaaaaaaah!!!! /Taken at Kaja's house for Halloween.

Have a great day!!! And thank you so much for going through all of my GREAT pictures. :P ;) xoxo
(P.S.2 - I usually go through all the mistakes and everything, but today I'll just be spontaneous and NOT DO IT!)


beba said...

To pa je kot bi jaz pisala, hah. Kak me tolaži, da nisem edina :D

Vintage and Cake said...

haha I love all these photos, you look stunning hunni you have such gorgeous eyes usual your bangs hides them a little.I love guitar hero so addictive ! I'm a over thinker too, I will think so much about what I need to do that I do nothing!

So if you start thinking about crap count to five backwards and than do what you were going to, little legs snaps me out of any thought pattern now. I miss thinking haha I don't get a chance to really day dream any more, I think you need a balance of both doing and thinking (reflecting). Summer is a great time to get things done, there's more energy flowing.

Mancina said...

heh ja tud jaz popolnoma poznam ta filing ki si ga opisala gor. ubistvu se tudi jaz iz dneva v dan prebijam med učenjem in raznimi distrakcijami haha
fotke so pa hude, hudo je videt happy people =)

Biba said...

Joooj, kako bi zdaj zmazala tisto Saherco! :D Je moja najljubša torta...

Pa ful si luštna - ne glede nato, kaj imaš oblečeno ;)

nuusheftw said...

Kok si ti men lušna ej *___*

Eva Ana Kazić said...

Mlada gospodična, kolikor je možno zaznati temperament skozi slike in besede, mi je tvoj blazno po okusu : )

Ela_Uu said...

hahahaha, zdej sem se pa res tak nasmejala! :D
Z bratom sta si ful podobna!

NinaSafada said...

Anita: Sem vesela, da se en lahko enači in da tut jst nism edina... :)

Laura: Thank you sooo much!!! I'm running to your blog right now to catch up on everything! :)

Mancina: Ja, vrjamem, da smo usi približno na istem. :) Pa hvala! Hihi!! :D

Biba: Tut meni je Sacher najboljša torta! Haha! :D In hvala, zelo... :)))

Nuša: Še tebi hvala, prav mi polepšate dan!! :))

Eva Ana: Hahahaha, ja verjamem, da se da kar dosti razbrat iz slik, hahaha. :D:D Hvala! :))

Ela: Hahahaha, me veseli, da so vam ble všeč slikce. Ja, sva si kr ja. :)) Ne moreš falit, da sva brat in sestra.

bravegrrl said...

great fun photos!!! love the see through leggings!! haha! xoxoxo

Fashion fly said...

Haha noro dobre fotke! :) Poznam tole z učenjem, tut jst bi se mogla trenutno učit pa se že menim za kavico na sončku ;) Have a great day*