Dammi un bicchiere di limoncello.

Hmmmm, one of those (rare) days when I don't have anything to say. :D Hahahahahaha! Nothing special happening today, I just went grocery shopping with my mum. I'm quite lazy & now I'll go to my grandmother's house, she's making a cake for our Easter lunch that will be on Sunday and she invited me for a glass of limoncello. Hohoho. :P Would I miss this opportunity? Never!
By the way...she's making a lemon cake. You have no idea how good that thing is! *.*

Aaaaaaaaaaand! It's Easter, so this means...(that I'm eating chocolate eggs every day) that it's one of those three times of the year, when my dearest cousin Sara (my cousin from Italy, in case you don't know her from the previous posts :D) is coming to Slovenia!! DOPGHJĆPSDGHČSDGBLSDG!!! :P:P I'm mentally and physically prepared to go crazy with her. :P

P.S. I'm including some pics taken at my grandmother's house, I wrote the post waaay before, but I'm finishing it now. :P

And this is my OOTD:

I am wearing: New Yorker fedora hat, H&M sunglasses, H&M striped sheer top, Tally Weijl leather pants, H&M shoes, H&M rings, random brand leopard bag.


ninna said...

Všeč mi je,kr je čist na easy :) pa te drobni detajli so mi všeč,npr. zavihane hlačnice :) pa nujno morem nabavit tak klobuček :)

Vintage and Cake said...

awww that's nice that you will have time with your cousin, and can have a laugh. Loving this outfit, really want the hat ! Anyway have a fab Easter gorgeous xxx

.sparkle* said...

te supergice morm met!jih gledam že 2 mesca :) katastrofa!

outfit mi je super, js bi šla tut kdaj s klobučkom kam pa se bojim da bi mi ga odpihnilo z glave :P

Mancina said...

super super supeeer!!! =))

NinaSafada said...

Thank you Laura!! :)) Haha, can't wait till tonight! :P

Hvala punce!! :)) Haha, ja meni so zadnje čase še posebej všeč te zavihane hlačnice. :D Pa joj, tut jst sm hotla te superge ne veeem kolko časa in ko sem jih vidla u H&M sem jih samo pobrala in kupila. :D Super so, pa na vse grejo. :)

Hvala Mancinaa!! :))


Fashion fly said...

Simpl in lepo! :)

♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

perfection! Love the whole look you have going on!

cant beat the auld plimmys on the feets!

have a cool and cracking easter weekend xxx

fashionismyh2o said...

Literally gasped when I saw this outfit you have a style that I really love! Especially the stripes - very cool :)

Great blog - Following you now :)


Rosa Pel said...

love your style !

Claudia said...

perfect outfit!!!
I love your hat :)

great blog,

Ela_Uu said...

mmmm, klobuček <3

NinaSafada said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! :))
HVALA!! :)

sandra said...

Perfect outfit! <3
xx Sandra

NinaSafada said...

Hvala Sandra! ;)