7 things about me. :)

Hello! :D I just got this cool award/tag from Anita of Life.Style.Fun. called "7 things about me". Thank you, Anita! :

1. I don't know how to act around children & I am horrible with these stuff. When all the girls go crazy seeing a little baby I just stand there like an idiot. I want to be a mother someday, though. :)

2. I love foreign languages and I want to learn more and more. I speak English, decent Spanish and Portuguese, that I've actually learned all by myself. I speak Portuguese better than Spanish, actually. Want to learn Italian and French also.

3. I am very interested in spiritual. From Astrology, to Card Divination to Law Of Attraction. It rolls in the family.

4. I love being in the centre of attention and I am quite self-conscious. But not in a mean way. I am not a bad cocky person. I like to make others feel better, I am very positive and content in general and I know I'm good at giving advices, but I also feel like shit sometimes. That's why I can't live without my friends, I need people to support me and make me feel loved. And I hope they know that I love them to death. :)

5. I am obsessed with food. I am a total gourmet maniac. I love mediterranean, Chinese, Mexican etc. The spicier the merrier.

6. Haha, this one is funny. Appearance wise. I have these "broken" pinkie fingers, I don't know why this happens, but it's genetic, my mum has them too. You can see it here. I don't know if it looks hideous to you, but I'm so used to it, so I don't even notice it anymore and I actually don't mind it at all. :D
7. When I meet someone new, I don't really know what to talk about. Although, when you get to know me I'm pretty sure I talk TOO much. I love long conversations. I also write waaaaay too much. (Have you ever noticed that? :P)

There you go, seven things. :D Oh, I would just like to say, Anita, sorry if some of them seem so similar to your list, I've noticed that (I mentioned food & spirituality too) and it wasn't my intention to copy or anything, but I guess we think alike in some ways, so I also had to include those. :)

P.S. I wrote a lot, but I thought it was too much. :/ I shortened it up to sentences.

I give this award to anyone that will read this post, feel free to do it and I would love to read yours too!! :)
And here are some pics, my casual outfit of the day, that I wore when I went to my grandmother's house for lunch. :) Very simple, really. Can't wait to go shopping soon, at least I hope so. :/ See ya!

Me in the garden, taking my pictures, my grandma telling me that the neighboors will see me :| (you know, because it really isn't a normal thing to do) and my lunch. :P
I am wearing: New Yorker DIYed cardigan, H&M tank top, Tally Weijl harem jeans, H&M leopard flats, H&M sunglasses and rings.
xoxo :)


With love, Ana. said...

Mogoče se pa tudi jaz lotim tega in napišem 7 facts about me, čeprav načeloma ne rešujem teh "kvizov" :)
Luštn outfit!

Anna. said...

Hlače so mi zelo všeč, lušten outfit;)

Eva Ana Kazić said...

Joj Nina, jaz bi tebe rada spoznala :)

Eva Ana Kazić said...

Četudi maš smešne prste! :D

nuusheftw said...

ne resno, me smo si fuuul podobne :O je že kr mal skeri :D (razn "zlomlenga" pinkji nimam :D)

Vintage and Cake said...

Loving the photo's, looks like you are enjoying the sun too why not. I love these seven things about you, I'm the same with children even as a mum I find them weird little things haha
Yeah for loving food, you have such a wicked figure why not eat what you want. Love number 2, I only know bits which is crap I would love to speak Italian too as My grandmother was half Italian :)
oh well I'm just lazy !
BTW I love those jeans, the cut is really cool.

Mancina said...

vedno mi je super brat take poste mam filing kot da te mal poznam hihii
fotke in outfit sta mi pa super!! mam ful rada take bolj casual outfite in supr lušna si =)

beba said...

Eeej, sploh ne bi pomislila, da je kaj narobe, če vključiš kaj podobnega :D

Super post si napisala! (:

Jaz se počutim enako glede otrok, hah, ponavadi se jim samo smejim in če so dobrovoljčki se smejijo nazaj. Glede tega, če bi rada bila mama pa si nisem čisto na jasnem. Včasih ja, včasih ne. Grozno velika odgovornost se mi zdi.

Meni so tudi všeč jeziki, pa bi rada vse znala, ampak to kar tak, veš, da bi mi od neznanokod kar prileteli v glavo, haha.

Tudi v četrti in sedmi točki se najdem. Samo, da ponavadi ne napišem ravno veliko.

Tak so mi fajne tote nagradice, ko moramo pisat o sebi, tak prijateljski duh širijo.

Mir in ljubezen!

Ela_Uu said...

7.: te čisto razumem :D Tista smrtna tišina, ko ne veš kaj bi reko..groza! :D
5.: To pa ne bom sploh komentirala! :D

Joana said...

i love your photos so much! and great looks! thanks for follow! i'll follow you for sure! great inspiration :)

xx J