Vacation OOTD Vol. 2

Uuuuh, the last day of June. :D Let's close the month with a new post, shall we? I just came home, I went to Piran again, this time with my mum, 3 days of sea, food, beer... :P I bought (mum bought me) this simple, but lovely dress there today, I'll take a picture.

Here are some more outfit pics from my last vacation, this was Sunday. We went for a drink and a toast to Cafe Teater. It was superb and those cocktails + toasts + sitting by the sea = it almost seemed like a day in the life of one of those famous bloggers, you know, sitting in some fab cafe, enjoying, eating, sipping on the cocktails, taking pictures with our Cano...ghm...phones, because we forgot the camera in the apartment. :P Later on we went back to watch Slovenia's Got Talent Final and we got a little bit drunk. Now that was a fabulous evening. ;)

And to finish with - I guess I'll just post these 2 photos from a rainy morning, when we really had nothing better to do. :D


Lady Gaga meets Sailor Moon.

I was wearing: H&M sunglasses, hat, rings & shoes, vintage belt AND my grandmother's dress that she usually wears to the beach. Hahaha, she always leaves it in Piran, so I secretly took it, because I was wondering how would it look on me. And how would it go with that belt. :D

Also - all the makeup done by ME. In case if you were wondering, yeah, I bet you did - that was ME. Moi. My work. ;)



Biba said...

Ahahaha @ zadnji dve fotografiji! Funny you :D

With love, Ana. said...

Se strinjam z Bibo, zadnji 2 sliki zmagata :)))))

Mancina said...

hahah ja itak zadnji dve sta res hudo dobri!! drugač mi je pa obleka ful všeč!! =)

NinaSafada said...

Hahaha, hvala vam... :D Zato sem jih tut gor dala, malo za štos. :))

Hvala vsem trem... :) XOXO

♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

Loads of fun to be had, I love it!!
Ha ha at the last pic! Thats is amaze!!!!

Pink_Diamond said...

hahaha sem se prav nasmejala zadnjim fotkam:):) simpatično:)

beba said...

Ej, tale obleka je svetovnaa! Pa ful ti paše, mi je zelo všeč outfit!

Zadnji dve fotki pa zmagata :D

Mir in ljubezen!

NinaSafada said...

Thank you, Joanne! :)) So much! Must visit your blog today!!! :D

Hahahaha, hvala Pink Diamond! :D

Hvala, Anita! :)) Je kar kul a za nonino obleko... :D

Hvala vsem! :)) xoxo

tash said...

ful lepa oblekca ;D paše ti...