There is a kind of beauty in imperfection.

Time for a new post me thinks. :D I had a busy weekend (in a pleasant way), on Friday there was my friend Kaja's birthday party, on Saturday we went to some cherry festival in Goriška Brda and then yesterday we had a family picnic. I was drunk twice, which was followed by two awesome hangovers and I won't even mention the amount of food I've consumed this weekend. But it was great. :D Tomorrow we're hopefully going to Piran for 2 days with my family, I need some sun and sea. Well, at least a change of environment.

Here's my outfit of the day. Yes, there are wrinkles all over the shirt, sorry, this shirt is like that all the time, it just wrinkles so easily. I tied a purple snake print schal to my bag, I've seen this "schal on purse" thing on people before. I like how it interferes a bit with the rest of the outfit as I don't like things to match too perfectly, it bothers me.

I am wearing: H&M shirt, Bershka leather shorts, H&M shoes, New Yorker hat, H&M sunglasses, H&M earrings, Sariko ring, random brand bag, my mother's schal and AVON Perfectly Flesh nailpolish.


Inez said...

Če si bla na češnah nekje pod odrom, sm te dejansk vidla :D

NinaSafada said...

Alora si me, ker sem res bla pod odrom :D hehe.

Joana said...

love the hat!
cool outfit girl :D

xx J

Peppi said...

Ful lajkam tale otufit, tak čisto poleten je :)
in sliši se, ko da si mela zelo zabaven vikend :D
če prideš do sonca in morja se posonči in nakopaj še zame, jaz tega nebom vidla še kak mesec, damn you school! :D
Xoxo, Peppi

nuusheftw said...

mmm, love the outfit! <33

Zala for PFC said...

Meni so tvoji nohtki d'best! Pa se ful lepo barvo laka imas. Any tips za tako lepo obliko?

Bimbobeautiful said...

LOVE your earrings u looks great xxxxxxxxxx

NinaSafada said...

Oooo, hvala vsem! :)))

Thank you Joana! :)

Hvala Špela! :D Joooj, lih zej sem pršla z morja, haha. Že komi čakam, da grem nazaj. :D :))

Hvala Nuša! :))

Hvala Zala! :) Ja, js si jih pilim tko na okroglo, ker se mi potem manj lomijo in krušijo in ostanejo celi, tko da jih malo zaoblim vedno. :)

Thank you!!! :))))

tash said...

Najhujši outfit za poletne dni, čist si huda :D
hvala za komentarje ;)

NinaSafada said...

Hvala Tash! :)) Ni zakaj, pa še kdaj. ;)