You'll never forget your first.

Guess what? I decided to do that blog award post. Finally! :D After, what, two months? Oh boy, oh boy. Sorry, it's just that when I have to write about stuff like "write ten random facts about yourself", I will always think about it for years, before actually writing it down.

So, I got it from lovely Nuša, who unfortunately doesn't run her blog anymore at the moment. Anyway, thank you so much! :) This is my first blog award ever. The rules are:
- write 10 facts about yourself,
- pass the award to another 10 bloggers.

Note: I didn't really like the award design, it didn't fit my blog, so I did this one for me, that you can see below. But here is the original one, if you prefer that one. :)

10 random facts about me:
1. I prefer salty over sweet and if I'm not having my period, then I'll always pick a bowl of spaghetti alla puttanesca over a piece of cake.

2. I have OCD. I count subtitles, I count if things are odd or even, I check every glass or fork before using it, when I hang my laundry I put the same color of clips on each piece, I sometimes think that if I wore a certain bra and had luck, then I must wear it again. I have a lot of obsessive thoughts. I actually realized that I have OCD only a year ago.

3. I swear quite a lot, but I couldn't possibly imagine myself not doing it. It's just a part of my character. Yes, I still have manners.

4. I really want to live in another country. Somewhere by the sea. Fuck Paris.

5. It's really difficult for me to fall in love and I sometimes almost feel like a man. Until I do fall in love. Then I become such a different version of myself, it's just funny. I do love love.

6. My favourite couple ever are Morticia and Gomez Addams. Yes, they are fictional, but hell yeah, if I had a love like theirs I would be happy for the rest of my life. Idols.

7. I sometimes feel like I have 10 different women trapped inside me. In general I am not the worrying kind, I'm spontaneous, happy, relaxed and at the same time I do what I have to do, but then here we have the OCD person, the obsessive one, the one that doesn't give a fuck, the worrying one...it gets so crazy sometimes. I blame it on my Venus in Gemini.

8. I am very ambitious, but I rather keep it to myself. People are way too negative and envious and the moment you say the word "ambition", you're suddenly a bad person, only craving money and success.

9. I sometimes worry of how I come across to people, I don't know why. I always want to prove to people, that I'm not a bad person and that I don't judge and I think sometimes it comes out wrong. At the same time I don't want to act common, just so people would like me. In the end it's better to change the audience, if they don't like you for who you are.

10. What more can I say. I'm hard to explain and there's so much more to me. But through experience I think I'm one of those people where you only have two options: love it or leave it.

10 people I nominate:
Anita from Life. Style.Fun.
Saša from Duckalicious
Eva Ana from All Around Eve
Laura from That's So Yesterday
Alja from Ljubeznice 
Špela from Fashion Junkie
Ana from Fashion Fly
Ela from F-BLOG

The nominees' names are randomly put and it wasn't my intention to hurt anyone by not putting them on the list, there are so many blogs that I love and I'll nominate them next time. :)


nuusheftw said...

Ni za kaj in šit, kak smo si podobne :O

Ela_Uu said...

Hahaha, že Nuša mi je rekla za to, zdej še ti in vidim, da bom res morala to nardit, pa čeprav ne vem kdaj :D
Hvala :))

Peppi said...

Oooo hvalaa Nina :D

beba said...

Heh, jaz tudi vedno preverim s česa jem pa pijem, samo nimam to za OCD. Moja babica namreč ni dobra v pomivanju posode in sem se za to navadla, da skoz prvo pogledam.

Tudi jaz se počutim polna raznih oseb, haha. Krivim sonce v dvojčkih :D

Pa osma in deveta točka sta tudi čist jaz, heh.

Fajn mi je, ko tak iskreno pišeš.
Škoda, da nisi s Ptuja al pa Maribora, da bi skup hangali okoli :D

Ja, hvala za award :*

Mir in ljubezen!

.sparkle* said...

Ful se najdem v 7. točki :P ampak verjetno zato ker sem res dvojček po horoskopu :D se tolažim s tem da me bremza devica v podznamenju :)

Ana said...

Hvala za prenos nagrade, bom napisala :) se strinjam z 8 točko, tole je pa res dobro napisan - bi mogu bi že skor quote :P