Luck be a lady tonight.

Long time no see. :) Alright, I'm making an outfit post today, but first I really have to tell you this - I just won my first giveaway!!!! :) I am so happy!

 I won a pair of these beautiful VINTAGE earrings from Tesa of a blog called Magnifique, one of my favourite Slovenian blogs, check it out here. I remember me entering that giveaway a few weeks ago thinking "Oh, those are just too gorgeous. It couldn't possibly be me." and then I randomly check my e-mails on Sunday and I see one saying "You're a winner of my giveaway." I just jumped out of the chair and started screaming like a crazy person. :D I've never won anything like this before and I can't wait to get those and style them with my outfits. Thank you so much Tesa! :)

As for the outfit...this is what I wore yesterday. There was this party at the "Beach" in Nova Gorica. In the summer they make this beach themed thing in the middle of the city, they make stuff like a little "Tiki" themed bar on the sand floor, different stands with food and beverages and there is a different programme every day. Yesterday it was a concert, we also went there two days ago to dance* Zumba. :D (*We were actually rather sipping on an ice cold beer.) Yesterday was pretty cool and I wore heels after a really loooong time and realized I should do it more often. :D

Pics taken by my friend Kaja. :)

I was wearing: H&M striped top, Oviesse shiny leggings, Pittarello heels, New Yorker bag, H&M ring, random Indian store bracelet (actually a snake necklace), KIKO yellow nailpolish, & Laško beer. :P


Biba said...

O, čestitam! :D

Ni ga čez Laško v teh vročih dneh ;)

Eva Ana Kazić said...

O pato, to pa dobr zgleda, na od vratu navzgor še posebi ciljam : )


With love, Ana. said...

Uuuu yellow nails- love it! Ravno čakam rumenega OPI-ja <3 In čestitke za uhane ;)

beba said...

Glavno, da je Laško :D

Frizura je oh tako super!

Pa čestitke za uhane!

.sparkle* said...

ooo, čestitke za uhane :)

ni ga čez mrzlo pivo poleti...i agree^^ <3

dobra frizura :)

Kaja said...

Napiši fotografa drugič :P

Mancina said...

waw super si in čestitke za uhane. verjamm d jih boš znala nosit! =)