One saturday morning



After two weeks, I am finally doing a brand new post and hopefully, this will be a beginning of something beautiful, a little manifestation of everything that has been going through my mind lately. ;) 

With my precious phone back in my hands, which, at the moment, is my main photographic equipment, (that is, until I get myself a good quality camera), I decided to do an easy, Saturday kind of post. Just to get things rolling. 

So, on this rainy day, which by the way, has been far from boring by now, I have decided to play some fine living instead of just bragging about the weather. Turns out, I should do that more often.

I first started my morning by going through some pictures on instagram, pinterest and I scrolled my way through a few blogs. It's funny how beautiful pictures of cool people, nice places and great home decor somewhat always manage to make me feel good about life and level up my vibes. So, after my battery charging, I made myself a nice breakfast and it turned out so delicious, that I decided to share the recipe here on the blog. Also, because every reason to take some pictures is a brilliant one! ;)

Ingredients I used:
- some bread
- pesto
- edamer cheese
- gorgonzola cheese
- zucchini
- black and green olives
- soy sauce
- olive oil

As followed by the list, I first spreaded some pesto on the bread, then added two different types of cheese, covered it with a few thin zucchini slices, some olives and sprinkled some olive oil and soy sauce on top. I put it in the oven for 10min, while I made myself a cup of my favourite tea: Twinings Green Tea with Mint. Et voila! The breakfast of champs. 

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