Planning outfits for my trip

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The date of my trip to Sweden is finally approaching, infact it's only two days from now. I leave on this Monday, so I am taking care of the last few things on my list. And besides all the important stuff, like making sure I have all the documents, all the papers printed out, the money prepared and so on, there is, of course, one last thing to do. Decide what I am going to wear.

I usually just go with the flow, but this time I have decided to plan a few outfits, and this might be for the first time in years. I love being spontaneous and coming up with something fantastic, just out of the blue, however, going through my wardrobe a few days ago and noticing how many clothes I actually own and how many options I do have, I thought it might no be such a bad idea afterall to start playing dress up from time to time and pick out a few combinations in advance
Because I kinda hate how I wear a lot of the same things over and over, just because they are on the reach or because I'm out of time.
I've really been loving the monochrome lately, so it is probably not as noticeable, yet when I look at all of my other clothes and how many forgotten choices there are, I know I need to give them a chance. ;)

So, for this trip, I came up with three outfits, so far. I wanted them all to be different from one another, comfortable but stylish, yet all to include the same basic piece and be built around it. In this case, my H&M leggings and my VANS tennis shoes. The reason for this is, because I think it is pointless to bring too much stuff and worry about what to wear, so choosing one basic and going from there was great for me. I still need to come up with two more outfits, but I am pretty pleased at the moment.

ASOS beanie - H&M striped shirt / Monki sweater - H&M socks - H&M, Boohoo.com & Camden market rings / ASOS beanie - H&M laether jacket - eBay cropped turtleneck - eBay necklace - HUF socks

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