I heart polaroids

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I am so glad I found a way to make something out of all these random photos on my phone, that are a little bit blurry, not suitable for instagram, but still too interesting for me to delete. So, making these retro digital polaroids was a cool idea, that came to mind. I just love to indulge in those little moments of experimenting with all the possibilities and making regular shitty photos look somewhat awesome. I don't even care if they're perfect or good enough, I just love being an amateur here and have fun with it. I hope to post more of these in the future!

Otherwise, some updates... 
This Monday is actually a funday for me, at least for now. Since I'm back at school and back to studying, I decided to cut out at work a little bit & I now only work on the weekends. And after a year and a half of being practically a robot, it's actually a nice and welcoming change to have a few days completely to myself. I know it is the right time for this, as I am really willing to finish my school and move on to better and greater things in life.

However, I am very grateful for this past year, it has been really wonderful to me; I got my first long-term job as a student, I earned quite some money, I was finally able to buy all the clothes and shoes and things I always wanted, without having to depend on anyone, I went to parties and festivals, I ate great food and met great inspiring people, I got three new tattoos, went to London, learned beautiful new things and became a lot more responsible as a person. All in all, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

And now, as the summer has ended, I kinda knew I was ready for more, as if everything in this past year was one brilliant platform for the future. So, I decided to suck it up for a couple of months, finish my old sins and start living a new and better life and strive to everything I always wanted. And I feel as I'm on the right path. Life is good. 

P.S. Aaaaand, I'm also travelling to Sweden in exactly a week, to visit my best friend. I haven't seen her in almost two months and I can't wait! :D

So, happy Monday to you all, I'm gonna spend the rest of it at my Zumba lesson, then have a nice dinner and I might finally watch The Great Gatsby. It's been months since I wanted to do that... :|

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