Better late than never.

Today I am really really late with my pics, but I am so excited about my new blog that I couldn't leave it for tomorrow (although it already is "tomorrow", haha). So, better late than never. ;)
This is my today's inspiration. I like this look, kinda sexy chic but I still feel comfortable in it, it's perfect for summer nights.
Although, right now I've noticed that in both posts I've put on this "sexy like" stuff, animal prints, leather, red lipstick, lace - I feel so exaggerated. xD It must be something going on in the air these days that I'm only choosing this kind of clothes. ;) Tomorrow I'll wear my new baggy h
arem jeans to vary, hehe.

I am wearing: H&M black dress, H&M leopard flats, H&M sunglasses, New Yorker bracelets & Sariko huge ring.


sayablack said...

Awesome black dress.
I love this back lace design.
and your yellow nails are great!!

Margaret said...

miss that is THE hottest dress!
loving the blog
great posts!
stop by some time xx

Kim said...

Fab dress!!! :D

NinaSafada said...

thank you so much girls!! :)) I'll definitely stop by! and you visit me anytime too...

SB said...

Hej :) sem ravnokar 'odkrila' tvoj blog in moram reci da mi je vsec...ta oblekca je cist nora! Pa ocala so mi tudi vsec.

xoxo Simona

Simona said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by, I love your dress!


NinaSafada said...

Thank youuu!!! :))