Oh weather, what are you doing to me?! xD

I am really sorry that I didn't post anything yesterday, I wanted to and was already doing it, but it was raining so badly and it was kinda stormy, and suddenly the connection wasn't working anymore. :|
But, it doesn't matter, cause yesterday I wasn't really pleased with my outfit pics anyway (however, you can still take a look at chictopia), but today's came out just fine. So here they are! :D

I am wearing: New Yorker black & white patterned maxi dress, New Yorker bracelets, Sariko earrings & big black sunglasses that my cousin bought me for my brithday last year.
I hope you like it!! :))


Margaret said...

those earrings look amazing on you!
and i'm loving the dress :)

alter muffin said...

Gypsy obleka!! Love it:)

sayablack said...

Beautiful maxi dress!!
and I adore your earring<3

Sandra said...

Wow, super obleka!! Jo majo še u New Yorkerju? I want it!! Če opaziš kej podobnga kje, let me know!! :)



NinaSafada said...

Joj, tole sem pa že lani kupila, tako da nisem prav prepričana, če bi se jo še našlo. :/ Sem jih pa tam letos vseeno videla nekaj, pa v H&Mju in Zari so ble ene zelo lepe! :)