Retromatic, sexomatic. ;))

Hello everyone! :))
Today’s outfit was inspired by this beautiful vintage leather belt that my mum found when she was cleaning out her closet. She wore it in the 80’ and as now it doesn’t fit her anymore, I took it. :D Love it! Fits perfectly! I love these waist high belts, they make women’s figure so much more sexy!!! ;)) I paired it up with my favourite vest (uhm, favourite right along the leather one, haha, I can’t make my new leather vest jealous ;) ) and some leggings. I think it looks kinda hippie retro and it’s sexy too… ;))

I am wearing: H&M sequined vest, H&M white tank top, vintage brown leather belt, H&M black leggings, H&M leopard flats. :))


my ♥ is here. said...

hey nina i invite to follow me on my new blog check it out i have u as a friend on chictopia great style!!! :)www.ismyshadows.blogspot.com

Tesa said...

just wanted to let you know I changed the url of my blog!

Sandra said...

Love the look with the glasses!! Keep up the good job and come check out my blog sometime, too :)


I'm also a Slovenian blogger, it's nice to find interesting Slovene blogs to follow, and yours is definately one of them :)


NinaSafada said...

Thank you so much guys!! :))

Sandra, of course I'll check out your blog!! :)) And thank you for your sweet words, it means a lot, I really want to have an interesting and inspiring blog for people to enjoy it and love it!! ;))

xx, Nina