Empty wardrobe.

Hello! :) Haven't posted anyting in a few days now. I'll have to study now, so maybe today is the last chance to squeeze something in. But I will do it if I'll have time and inspiration. 

Although I must admit, I am kinda "off mood". But not because I don't feel like blogging or anything, it's just that I really have a lack of clothes right now and it's not just the "I want to go shopping, yaaaay", it's reaaaally bad. :/ 
I just realized that all of my leggings are ripped and I can't even DIY them, I have like literally two long sleeved shirts to put on, not a single pair of shoes appropriate for the season and since the weather is getting really warm the jacket would be enough for when it's colder and I don't have a single one! I don't have the clothes to put together the most simple and casual "leggings + shirt" combination, in which I would at least feel comfortable. I'm wearing stuff over and over again and I feel terrible in everything. My worst nightmare is when we go somewhere, because I just don't know what to put on, I'd rather go naked and paint something on my body. O.o I am really losing my mind, I am now the person who has clothes just to be dressed and not to express myself anymore and that is just not me. I just want to "pause" the blog, because I have nothing to show you and I'm just hating my clothes atm. Although, I thank god that my birthday is coming soon, because I know I'll get some money and I'll be able to do a shopping spree. Not in a mean way, but I really need it and I can't wait to attack the stores. :( Oh, also thank god for some of those vintage clothes that I found in my mum's wardrobe, I'll DIY them and then I'll help my wardrobe to recover a bit.

It's obvious that all "fashion bloggers" dress to express themselves and it's our intention to feel good in our clothes and inspire at the same time. We all like to buy stuff and even if we DIY clothes or find vintage ones, it's still something NEW. And it makes you happy, it may be an obsession, but it's nice to have something to revive everything. And that's why when I'm lacking of clothes I am not me anymore. I don't have the resources to be my full self. It may sound stupid, but that's the way it is. Fuck.

So, I'll do everything that I can to change this, I made this blog in good old times, when I was buying something all the time and I was posting with such an inspiration. :D And my idea of a fashion blog (at least that's what I wanted to do with mine) is to make a few posts a week and write something (I love writing) and show outfits, outfits and again outfits. That's what I love the most, that's what I want my blog to be in the future - again. And it has become more than a hobbie for me, that's why I want to continue, I love doing this. So, much luck to me in this area in the future. :)

Today I'll leave you with my last inspiration:

I took my pictures on the balcony, the light is so much better there and the pictures look better. :) It's a bit messy though, because my mum is planting her flowers and stuff at the moment. :D But oh well, imagine how lovely it'll be to take pictures there when it's all finished, like a small garden. :P

I am wearing: Zara Lady Gaga shirt, Zara harem pants, H&M leopard flats, New Yorker hat, Sariko big ring. :)
Now I have to go and study, promise to catch up on all your blogs later!! xoxo


.sparkle* said...

Klobuček je fantastičen :)

Meni se zdijo tvoji outfiti ful izvirni in prav nič ne vidim da bi ti manjkalo inspiracije oz. drive-a :)

Anže said...

I feel your pain. Mene bo tudi kmalu pobralo od nesreče. Omara je čist "prazna" za pomlad. :(

nuusheftw said...

jooj, same here. "/ polna omara, ampak dobesedno NIČ za oblečt, in potem se mi zdi da ves čas nosim eno in isto in sem res že prav nesrečna. danes mi je mami kupila nove legice in neko kjut jopco in sem čist presrečna, ker mam neki novga, čeprov je čist neki malga. :D

iiin tut jst komi čakam rojstn dan, ALELUJAH! :D

beba said...

Joj, kakšna lepa bazilika! Kar voham jo, hehe.

Ej, po moje imaš čist dovolj lepih in kul stvari, samo moraš malo kaj na novo skombinirat, pa predelat pa tak. No, sodim pač po sebi, heh.

Mir in ljubezen!

With love, Ana. said...

Pride tako obdobje, ko izgubiš inspiracijo za blog, pa se potem ta spet vrne... Sem pa v pričakovanju outfitov ;)

Mancina said...

Tudi jaz čisto poznam ta filing. Ampk kot pri vsaki stvari vsaka stvar rabi svoj čas in verjamem da boš kar kipela od idej in stylingov.. gdaj? vseeno mi te čakamo ;)
btw outfit je prav cool =)

NLR said...

Lovely outfit! Looking good ;-)

Ela_Uu said...
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Ela_Uu said...

Draga, pri meni je enako. Omara je tak polna, da moram met še dva stojala za obešalnike, ampak enostavno ne najdem nič takega, kar mi se dalo skombinirat.
Je pa ena dobra stvar, 10. dobim štipendijo in šoping mi je uide! :D

Drugač pa, pridejo taki trenutki in naj te potolažim, tvoj outfit je super! Ful so mi všeč hlače in balerike in jes že komi čakam, da spet napišeš kak svoj inspirational post! :))

Fashion fly said...

Kombinacija mi je všeč - ne rabš pavze, mislm da tisti k te spremljamo radi beremo tvoje poste in ne samo da gledamo slike (čeprou so tut te supr) :) xxxx Ana

FashionGirl said...

loving your flats and your nailpolish !
amazing <3

What do you think about following eachother ?
I'd be happy ;)
Follow me and i follow as soon as possible back !

Have a wonderful day .

FashionGirl <3