Everything blooms in spring.

Today I just can't seem to write anything that I would like, I'm not inspired, so I'll just mention a few things that I wanted to say in a LIST:

-Obviously, it's the first day of spring. So, hoorah to that! :)
-Sun moved into the sign of Aries - which is my sign. :) Cool.
-That also means that my birthday is coming soon - next month. :D
-It will get warmer now and I will be able to wear my spring/summer clothes again soon, most importantly, with no coats on. :) 
-Even though my favourite nail polish is the red one, I suddenly have an urge for brighter colours, so now my nails are yellow. :D
-I want to start working out, the pause has been too long. :D I miss it & the lovely weather is making me want to do it even more, I feel so full of energy when the sun is shining (will try to stick to it even if it will rain :) ).

OK and today I'll just post some random pics of mine and even though I prefer posting outfits, today I didn't go anywhere, so I want to show you some pieces that I saw on Tally Weijl's website, I believe it is the new collection. I don't like everything that they have, but I always find some really cool pieces in their store that would suit me. :) Cheap also. More or less.

Cabinets that I saw in some shop in Italy a few days ago. I love this style, I want something like that for my room! :)

My nails. :D Sunshine inspired!

I wanted to buy a cross necklace for soooo long and then my mum tells me she has one from the eighties. :D COOLNESS!

 I like these things. :) But I would really really like to have that hat, at least that. :D

See you! Kisses! :*


ninna said...

Jaz se tud zadnje čase navdušujem nad rumeno barvo :) pulover je čudovit..čipke <3

NinaSafada said...

Tut meni je prav zapašala. :D Mislim, da bom počasi padla v celoti (tut glede oblek) v ta trend z barvami.
Ja tut meni je super ta čipkast pulover, žiher, da bi ga dobila! :)

Kristina said...

heeey love your blog honey :)
so cool <3
follow youuuuuu !


Vintage and Cake said...

aww it's your birthday soon :) how cool. What are you doing for it? Yes spring is here in London too, the sun has been out and we can all wear less layers. I love your pic's (see my shoes the black buckle ones have a look on ebay!)
Yes I love that hat and the spotted shoes are soooo cute. Hope you are well my lovely xxxx

Ela_Uu said...

mmm, klobuček pa oblekca sta mi fuuul kul :))
Pa tvoji nohti tut. Všeč mi je da so take lepe žive barve, sej je pomlad! :)

Fashion fly said...

Super izbira, sploh klobuk mi je všeč. Tally se mi je lani tako zameril (s čipkastimi majicami v živih barvah, pa satenastih srajčkah,..) da kar nism mogla vrjett kok se je popravil s pomladno kolekcijo.

nuusheftw said...

Aww, js sm tut oven, kdaj pa maš rojstni dan? :))
Zakon cross verižica, btw! <3

Od Tailly pa puloverček in vse čeveljčke na moj naslov, lepo prosim <3