Move on up.

Ohoho, what is this?? :D Only yesterday I've been saying that I'm "lazy" and now I feel like posting a lot. :D Haha. Well, the reason is the outfit that I put together, I love it!! Sometimes I just get an idea out of the blue and then it becomes one of those outfits that I could wear anyday, anytime. I'll blame it on leopard print as it is one of my biggest obsessions.

Oh and...I would like to say a special THANK YOU to Laura from That's So Yesterday. :) She made a Style File post about Rihanna, that I requested a while ago and she wrote something really lovely. Thank you so much, I love it! :) Check out her blog, really cool & creative outfits, great nails and very inspiring posts.

Right now I'm listening to some music and the post name is the name of this song Move On Up by Curtis Mayfield. It's such a groovy song from 70's. :D Tarararaaaaaatatata... (Why the hell can't we put music into words? :D) And I'm rearranging my room a bit, but it's not finished yet (it won't be until I get some f-ing furniture!).

I am wearing: vintage leopard top, Zara high waisted shorts, random brand tights, Pittarello flats, Sariko ring, New Yorker hat, H&M sunglasses, vintage cross necklace, Artistry nailpolish.


nuusheftw said...

uuuuuu, lajk it! <3

NinaSafada said...

Hvala Nuša! :)

beba said...

Eeej, kak si lepa! Prva fotka je <3
Nisem ekstra fan leopard printa, ampak se mi zdi, da ti pristaja (:
Pa očala so supadupa kul!

Mir in ljubezen!

♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

Hey girl, feel lazy myself and need to catch up on Blog world.

Looking HOT as always. I love when you find an outfit that you love for anytime, night or day.

I see I am on your fav blogs to read. I just going to update mines and yours will certainly be in there!

Keep rocking xxx

fashionismyh2o said...

I'm the exact same! One day I'm super lazy & then the next day I'm super motivated ha-ha. You look absolutely amazing though! The leopard print is so fierce it's awesome. I love the hair too I want it ha-ha :)


Mancina said...

waa nina tale outfit je res super! in upam da pofotkaš sobo ko bo ready ;)

duckalicious said...

curtis mayfield ftw!!! superfly si posnem.

NinaSafada said...

Hvala ti Anita! :)) Ja, res so dobra, verjameš, da sem jih dobila za 1€? Samo še bolj so mi všeč. :D

Thank you so much Joanne! :) That is so sweet of you!

fashionismyh2o, thank you very much! :)

Hvaaala Mancina!! :)) Brez skrbi, bom! :D Komaj čakam.

Oooo zakon, tenk ju veri mač za to! :)))


With love, Ana. said...

Hudača ena <3 Pa nothki so mi takoj padli v oči, lepe imaš!

Fashion fly said...

Hlače so mi tok hude, ma cela si huda!! :)

Ela_Uu said...

mmm, to si pa res super skombinirala, hlače pa klobuček sta mi še posebej všeč! :))

mariska said...

love the whole outfit


NinaSafada said...

Hvaaaala vam punce! :)) *blush*

Thank you, Mariska! :)


tash said...

heey, všeč mi je tvoj stil in nasploh cel blog, tko da ti zdaj sledim :D tuki je link do mojega bloga, lahko pregledaš:

have fun ;)

bravegrrl said...

love your shorts!

Anamarija said...

Tale outfit mi je čis konc! :) Obožujm tvoj prstan!

NinaSafada said...

Hvala Tash! :)

Thank you bravegrrl! :)

Anamarija, hvala hvala ful! :))