Again, a quick post. I guess I've been writing those long ones for such a long time, that now I must take some time off to balance everything. :D Well the truth is, I just don't feel like writing right now. I am really lazy, I don't even recognize myself anymore, hahaha. Actually, no, that is not the only thing, I actually don't feel that need to express everything as much anymore, I am more into myself lately, I prefer thinking about stuff on my own.

Otherwise, just a few words... My mum had a birthday today. :) I had a really big dinner, that I regret right now. :S And I am so attracted to spiritual in this very moment, yes, I always am, but right now I could read about it, study it, practice it all day long & that is all I want to do, maybe it has something to do with "myself time" that I mentioned. ;) Oh, I also watch a lot of movies lately, I love movie marathons. :D And I have to take some time to check out other blogs tomorrow, because I've been quite inactive with that.

The last picture: I reorganized my makeup space a bit, I saw this idea of using a jar on some blog, I thought it was really amazing. So everything's looking fabulous at the moment. :) And my Coca Cola retro bottle has its purpose too :D

I am wearing: New Yorker cardi, H&M jumpsuit, shoes, rings, hat, sunglasses, vintage bag, AVON coral reef nalipolish.


Vintage and Cake said...

Awww I have missed you, been ages since I have be able to have a blog read. Happy birthday to your mum :) I hope she had a fab day, ooooww I love how you have all your makeup etc ... puts mine to shame it's a total mess. Hope you are well kitten and hey we all need 'me' time xxxx

ninna said...

Torbica je super <3

.sparkle* said...

torbicaaa <3 super je...in prstani, očala, supergice :) res ti paše tale jumpsuit!

js bi tut lahko kej uredila "kozmetični kotiček"...it's a mess :/ :)

NinaSafada said...

Thank you Laura! :)) It's always so nice to hear from you!! <3

Hvala Nina! :))

Hvala Sparkle! :)) O ja, tut jst sm mela pravi kaos, ampak, če malo pobrskaš po raznih blogih in naokoli znaš naletet na res dobre ideje, pa je. ;)

Mancina said...

myself time znajo bit zanimivi dnevi, kar uživaj v njih kukr se da ;) drugač pa krasne fotke in noro dobri prstani!! <3 Big lajk

sandra said...

Outfit je itak super, kot zmeraj :) te superge so zakon, so mi dale inspiracijo da moje zbledele allstarke umijem, da se bojo spet tko lepo svetle :)
Aja, pa še tole "jar" idejo za kozmetiko ti bom ukradla, ko se jst spravim en clean up narest :)
Love it!