History in the making.

Sorry people! Long time, no post. ;) But I will have to do a few of them now, first of all, because I should be studying right now and I think we all know how much fun it is to fool around and do everything besides that. :P Second thing, I got my first blog award from lovely Nuša!!!! Thank you Nuša, will make a post as soon as possible, but I'll have to think about those ten things a bit, so hopefully it'll be done in a few days. ;) And last but not least, I just have to make this quick post, because I need to show you some stuff that I got like an hour ago...

I went to my grandma's house, because she wanted me to bring her the Mamma Mia DVD. :D And then we were drinking some coffee on the balcony and she starts telling me about some fabric that she has and she doesn't know what to do with it. And we go to take a look, it was this gorgeoooous tiger print fabric, I already had a vision of a maxi dress or at least a pair of shorts, in case she wouldn't want to give me more than that. :P And then we start going through her closet and we find these vintage stuff - I just have 5 new pieces in my wardroooobe!!! :P

 Grandmother's old black purse with crocodile details. :P

 Old floral jacket. :) Paired it with vintage belt that my mum gave me last year.

Thank you god! I am in love with animal prints, so this "kimono" style shirt/dress is as perfect as it gets. It belonged to my mum - according to my grandma she had a matching pair of leggings. XD

Blue checkered jacket with a denim detail. Love it, need to buy a thin brown belt. ;)

 And now for the gran finale. This top my mum wore the night she met my dad when she was 15. :P Oh yeah, we have the whole history going on here. XD

Nina is happy. B)


Eva said...

I love mum/grandma closet shopping :D
Torbica je ful lepa! Pa vse ostale stvari so tud zakon :)

NinaSafada said...

Haha, ja zakon je, ko najdeš take reči. :P
Hvala! :)

Ela_Uu said...

ooo, kak dobrooo!
Včasih se mi zdi, da še sama v mamini, babicini in podstrešni omari najdem več, kot pa v trgovinah :D
Supersupersuper! :)

Eva Ana Kazić said...

KR jebačko.


nuusheftw said...

aaaaaaaaa, use mi je ušeč! <3
komi čakam outfite! *___*

ninna said...

super pridobitve, sploh torbica je top :)

♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

Lucky too! I LOVE it ALL. You have such great style to pull it all off.

Great history to go with them al too, especially cant believe that the white top if from when your mum met your dad! SO sweet!

Thanks for all your lovely comments! :)

Happy studying, me too! it sucks!! ha! xxx

NinaSafada said...

Ja Ela, se strinjam! Danes še posebej nisem mogla verjet, tolko različnih stvari in vzorcev, haha! Hvala! :))

Thx Eva Ana! ;)

Hvala Nuša!! :D

Hvala Nina! :))

Thank you Joanne!! :)) You're so sweet!
Yeaaah, isn't that just amazing?? :D:D Thanks so much. :))


.sparkle* said...

O wauuu...neverjetno kaj se najde v maminih in babičinih omarah!Torbica mi je še posebi všeč, jaz sem nedavno izbrskala pri babici 2 čudoviti :)

Fashion fly said...

Awww kakšne najdbe :) Supr srajca in torba!
Kaj pa veš, mogoče pa ti v isti majici kot mami spoznaš moža :P haha!
xxx, Ana

nuusheftw said...

aww use mi je ušeč! :D <3
komi čakam outfite!! :D

p.s.: sem mislila, da sem že prej komentirala :(

Zala for PFC said...

Najbolj si me nasmejala z "according to my grandma she had a matching pair of leggings" - si kar predstavljam to noro kombinacijo :) Drugace mi je najbolj vsec rjavi pas, ki gre super skupaj s kimono!

NinaSafada said...

Hvala, Nuša...še enkrat! :)
Prekleti Blogger, vse je zajebal, kar vse komentarje briše itd... :S

Hahahaha, hvala Zala.. :D Tut meni je blo smešno in sem si prav predstavljala. xD Hahahahaha.

Mancina said...

ubistvu nevem čist točno kater outfit mi je bolj všeč hihi =) super si!!

Reflect and Fancy said...

I like the flower jacket! very nice..

NinaSafada said...

Hvala Mancina!! :)) Hihi.

Thank you so much!! :))


beba said...

Oa, kak super! To je res nekaj najboljšega, ko najdeš take kul stvari, ko jih ne bo nihče drug mel, pa še zastonj vse. Hiše babic so zakladnice.
Torbica mi je ful všeč.

Mir in ljubezen!

NinaSafada said...

O lej lej, vsi komentarji so nazaj...? Haha. :D Smotan blogger.

Hvala Anita! :)) Ja, res je! Prav mi je dan polepšalo, zastonj shopping. :D:D